BOMBSHELL: Hillary To Implement Gun Control By Executive Order, Wants To Destroy The United States With “Open Borders”


Barack Obama’s complete contempt for Congress and the separation of powers has rubbed off on Hillary Clinton big time.

Included in the batch of emails released by Wikileaks Friday is a Oct. 4, 2016, exchange where Clinton’s press secretary says Hillary would take a “tougher” stance on guns than her primary opponent, Bernie Sanders:

Circling back around on guns as a follow up to the Friday morning discussion: the Today show has indicated they definitely plan to ask bout guns, and so to have the discussion be more of a news event than her previous times discussing guns, we are going to background reporters tonight on a few of the specific proposals she would support as President – universal background checks of course, but also closing the gun show loophole by executive order and imposing manufacturer liability.




…According to one of the leaked emails, Clinton told Banco Itau in 2013, “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders … I think we have to have a concerted plan to increase trade already under the current circumstances.”

The speech excerpt goes on: “There is so much more we can do, there is a lot of low-hanging fruit, but businesses on both sides have to make it a priority, and it’s not for governments to do but governments can either make it easy or make it hard and we have to resist protectionism, other kinds of barriers to market access, and to trade, and I would like to see this get much more attention.”

Clinton has faced serious skepticism from progressives throughout this campaign over her evolving and sometimes elusive stance on trade, specifically her flip-flopping on President Obama’s proposed transpacific partnership trade deal by initially showing and then withdrawing support for the plan.

Republicans pounced on the leaked comments, tagging Clinton in a statement for believing in “open borders.”

“The truth that has been exposed here is that the persona Hillary Clinton has adopted for her campaign is a complete and utter fraud. How can Bernie Sanders and many like-minded Democrats continue to support her candidacy in light of these revelations?” the statement from the Republican National Committee read.