SCIENTISTS CRINGE as Hillary claims hurricanes are caused by PEOPLE… complains that Donald Trump can’t stop hurricanes BUT SHE CAN!

Hillary Clinton


(NaturalNews) There’s a point where we all just have to break out in laughter at the complete idiocy of Hillary Clinton, the leftist media and democrats in general. Every single assertion they make is rooted in fiction or delusion. Whether they’re talking about economics, taxes, debt, medicine, science, history, culture or climatology, their entire “cult” of nonsensical beliefs are superbly ridiculous and embarrassingly moronic.

The latest bit of lunacy now being pushed by democrats and the leftist media is so over the top that scientists all around the world are rolling on the floor laughing. According to Hillary Clinton, CNN, NBC and all the rest of the truly leftist media,hurricanes are caused by mankind.

This assertion is being made with a straight face, even in direct contradiction to the simple facts that hurricanes have existed on planet Earth long before modern man ever appeared.