George Soros Does A Mysterious Thing: He Asks Obama To Pardon Edward Snowden.


George Soros has been Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporter. He has billions, and she has millions, meaning he is the controller, and she is his player. Soros seems to be losing interest in his game with Hillary, as he is going in a completely opposite direction with his new move.


He recently asked President Obama to pardon Edward Snowden! Will he try and help Julian Assange next? Does he care about Hillary any longer? Has he lost interest in her sinking ship? Is he bored with her ignorance and sluggishness?

The direct opposite of Hillary Clinton is the truth and WikiLeaks. Edward Snowden provided the material that WikiLeaks ran with and made possible to probe into the Democratic National Committee and Hillary. You have to follow the connections here, as Soros is mysterious and no one can read his mind. You just have to observe his moves and follow the bread crumbs.

George Soros now has confirmed in writing he wants Obama to pardon Edward Snowden and allow him to come back to the United States a free man. That endorses Wikileaks and Julian Assange and it cannot happen and leave the FBI and Hillary Clinton afloat.

The move is characteristic of a trade move on large amounts of money. Some subtle news that appears to not be that important to anyone, but later turns out to make someone a very large amount of money.

The media, even the alleged conservative media, has barely mentioned George Soros has just requested Obama pardon Edward Snowden and that it is in direct conflict with his support for Hillary Clinton. The conflicts are so stark, and yet the media has merely mentioned it in passing. For Edward Snowden to be pardoned by Obama, Obama himself has to throw Hillary Clinton to the curb.