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44 Afghan troops out of 2,200 being trained by Pentagon in USA Go Missing


Published on Oct 6, 2016


At least 44 Afghan troops have taken advantage of a US military training program to illegally immigrate to the US since at least Jan. 2015, the Pentagon admitted.


South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida already flooded bracing for Hurricane Matthew [VIDEO]


Published on Oct 6, 2016

President Obama has declared a state of emergency in Florida as Hurricane Mathew closes in as a category 4 storm. And with winds of 140pmh, it’s the most powerful storm to threaten the Atlantic Coast in over a decade. RT America’s Marina Portnaya has the latest from Miami. Then Don Walker, communications director for Brevard County, joins RT America’s Anya Parampil to discuss emergency efforts.



Streets of Miami deserted as Hurricane Matthew approaches



Published on Oct 6, 2016

Miami’s residents braced themselves for Hurricane Matthew, Thursday, as the storm which ravaged the Caribbean approached the Florida peninsula.

The states of Florida and South Carolina, as well as parts of North Carolina and Georgia, have declared a state of emergency, with millions of coastal residents warned to be ready for an evacuation.

NBC Caught Lying About Chevrolet Trucks Exploding [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 8, 2014

Dateline NBC aired an investigative report on November 17, 1992, titled “Waiting to Explode”. The 60-minute program focused on General Motors’ Rounded-Line Chevrolet C/K-Series pickup trucks allegedly exploding upon impact during accidents due to the poor design of fuel tanks. Dateline’s footage showed a sample of a low-speed accident with the fuel tank exploding. In reality, Dateline NBC producers had rigged the truck’s fuel tank with remotely controlled model rocket engines to initiate the explosion. The program did not disclose the fact that the accident was staged. GM hired Failure Analysis Associates (FaAA, now Exponent) whose investigators studied the footage, and discovered that smoke actually came out of the fuel tank six frames before impact. Acting on a tip from someone involved in the Dateline crash test, FaAA investigators searched through 22 junkyards in Indiana before finding the charred wreckage of the GM pickups. It was also later revealed that the Dateline report had been dishonest about the fuel tanks rupturing and the alleged 30 miles per hour (48 km/h) speed at which the collision was conducted. The actual speed was found to be higher, around 40 miles per hour (64 km/h), and after x-ray examination of the fuel tanks from the C/K pickups used in the televised collision, it was found that they had not ruptured and were intact. GM subsequently filed an anti-defamation/libel lawsuit against NBC after conducting an extensive investigation. On February 8, 1993, GM conducted a highly publicized point-by-point rebuttal in the Product Exhibit Hall of the General Motors Building in Detroit that lasted nearly two hours after announcing the lawsuit. The lawsuit was settled the same week by NBC, and Jane Pauley read a 3½ minute on-air apology to viewers.

The General Motors lawsuit and subsequent settlement was arguably the most devastating blow for NBC in a series of reputation damaging incidents during the 1990s and early 2000s. Within NBC, Michael Gartner, who resigned shortly after the incident, was the source for much of the blame. Then-NBC News President Reuven Frank stated Gartner was hired in 1988, despite having no background in television news, in an attempt to satisfy then-parent-company General Electric by replacing current journalists with cheaper, less experienced reporters and producers.

Three Dateline NBC producers were dismissed as a result: executive producer Jeff Diamond, senior producer David Rummel, and Robert Read, producer of the report on the pickups. Michele Gillen, the reporter involved in the segment, was transferred to NBC’s Miami owned-and-operated station WTVJ, where she became an evening anchor. Michael G. Gartner, president of the news division, resigned under pressure.

This storm will kill you’: Thousands in gridlock across the East Coast as 2 million are told to flee deadly hurricane Matthew as it kills 102 in Haiti

Millions evacuate East Coast before Hurricane Matthew makes landfall in US


  • Hurricane Matthew is expected to hit southern Florida late this evening and move up the East Coast 
  • Powerful storm claimed at least 102 lives as it ripped through Haiti and the Dominican Republic on Tuesday
  • The storm intensified to a ‘catastrophic’ Category Four this morning with sustained winds of 140mph 
  • National Weather Service has advised ‘loss of life’ and ‘immense human suffering’ is possible 
  • Approximately seven million people could be left without power and some areas left ‘uninhabitable’ 
  • Two million people in the US have been urged to evacuate their homes in preparation for a ‘direct hit’
  • Gov. Scott warned Florida warns that the storm ‘is going to kill people’ after declaring a state emergency 
  • South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said only 175,000 have evacuated so far, warning ‘that’s not enough’ 


 The creepy image, appears to show a white grinning skull, with a glowing red eye, flicked with green at its very center. It appeared in a weather map of the storm as it hit landfall in Haiti on Wednesday

  • Eerie satellite images of Matthew over Haiti show the storm forming a grinning skull with glowing red eye  

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3824483/Prepare-direct-hit-Millions-evacuate-East-Coast-causing-major-traffic-jams-batten-hatches-powerful-Hurricane-Matthew-makes-landfall-killing-11-Caribbean.html#ixzz4MK3Vc03v

Brace yourselves: Matthew is expected to hit the south of Florida with winds of up to 145mph in the early hours of Friday; as it moves up the coast it will gradually lose speed but will still be as high as 110mph on Saturday morning


More than two million people in the US have been urged to evacuate their homes before Hurricane Matthew hits the East Coast tonight (people walk along  Miami Beach, Florida, October 6)


Get out! Traffic was backed up for miles as residents make an evacuation route over 520 bridge heading west from Merritt Island, Florida on Wednesday


Evacuations have begun across the states as the deadly, storm will hit the East Coast (pictured, bus drivers with the Greenville, South Carolina school district wait for word when to start evacuating people to Greenville from North Charleston)



Hillary in seclusion ahead of Sunday debate


(CNN)Just hours after their running mates finished their debate, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are charting distinct paths to the upcoming presidential debate Sunday in St. Louis.

The stakes are a little different for each of them, too.
For Clinton, the second debate is an opportunity to sustain the momentum she’s drawn from the first. Polls this week showed the former secretary of state with leads nationally and in key swing states.
For Trump, Sunday’s debate will be a mulligan of sorts. Clinton was widely seen as the winner of the first debate, and Trump has been at the center of controversy ever since.
Here’s how each candidate is preparing for round two as of Wednesday.