There it is people, PROOF that there is a shadow government in control of our country. Not Congress, not the President, not the executive branch, not anyone we voted in and unaccountable completely.


Reason why is after 9/11 they declared a state of National emergency. Every 2 years the President has quietly renewed it and the media never says a word about it. We are under what they consider a wartime emergency government – due to the never-ending war on terror. That’s they’re excuse.

So basically Cheney ran the country after 9/11 until Obama was selected. God-knows-who is secretly running the show now.

Awesome video Comedian.

This brings to memory a Congressional hearing where they were talking about REX84, I think during Iran/Contra and Jack Brooks asked a question about Continuity of Government (COG) and Daniel Inouye said something to the effect of “we can’t discuss that here”. I’ll see if I can dig that one up.

Here it is with a follow-up:


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