STUNNING SECRET of Julian Assange and Obama’s Internet Surrender to ICANN!! (Hillary’s Demise) [VIDEO]


Published on Oct 2, 2016

Most people don’t understand the truth behind Obama surrendering the internet address book to ICANN: it wasn’t exactly about handing over control the UN. Most people think this, but there’s more to the story of Obama, ICANN, and why this institution now controls the internet address book. It’s really about stopping Julian Assange from disclosing the truth about Hillary Clinton, which is why the authority of the internet was turned over to ICANN before Assange would make his October surprise. While news outlets are reporting that this transfer was a plan in the making for many years, this isn’t exactly true. ICANN would receive additional authorities, but not all authority. That decision appears to have been made last minute by the Obama administration. ICANN is not responsible to Constitutional law since they are an international organization. They can block, censor, and downgrade organizations like Wikileaks that attempt to expose the truth.


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