In 2009 Email, Huma Abedin Writes “I’m with Her. We Had a Disaster



Concerns continue to mount over Hillary Clinton’s health following the release of an ominous 2009 email.

In the correspondence, made public Wednesday by the watchdog group Citizens United, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin responds to an email from oligarch consultant Doug Band asking about her location. “I’m with her,” Abedin wrote, presumably referring to Clinton. “We had a disaster.”

It is unclear if Abedin, the former wife of known pervert Anthony Weiner, is referring to a health-related “disaster,” similar to the one Clinton suffered in December 2012, when she suffered a concussion after a fall.

“We had a disaster here,” Abedin reiterates in a follow up email.



I’m with her, we had a disaster,” Abedin emailed back. “U?” An unspecified “disaster” …

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