Hillary Clinton Set To Exit Presidential Race On Wednesday? [VIDEO]


Published on Oct 2, 2016

Alex was on the edge of his seat regarding the wikileaks news so he called in to talk with Roger and David. Roger says the end of Hillary will be on Wed. and AJ agrees. Whatever the info release is, We all need to amplify it and push it out there. We’ve already seen info that should bring the globalists down

We have these shirts to drill this campaign in to people. Roger is being investigated by the FBI for his links to Assange. Assange does NOT work for the Russians. He has leaked docs equally embarrassing to the Bush regime and the left loved it. A stone intermediary met with Assange and he is set to release on Wed. Stone believes Assange has ALL the emails. We’ve seen disinformation that Assange has delayed the release, etc. The Clintonites are trying to figure out how to kill him.


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