‘F*** this guy, I’m gonna hit him’: Dashcam footage shows police trying to run over a mentally ill homeless man before fatally shooting him 14 times

Dashcam footage and audio that was recently released indicates that two Sacramento police officers may have tried to hit a homeless man with their police cruiser before fatally shooting him. In the video, one officer can be hears saying 'f**k this guy' as the approach the scene

  • Joseph Mann, 50, died after police shot him at least 14 times 
  • Footage shows that before police shot him they tried to hit him with car  
  • The two officers appeared to attempt to hit Mann twice during pursuit 
  • Mann was able to dodge the police cruiser both time, video shows 
  • Officers Randy Lozoya and John Tennis then pursued Mann on foot 
  • In shocking video, at least 14 gunshots can be heard coming from police  

The shocking video shows the police attempting to run over 50-year-old Joseph Mann (right) on July 11


Mann (right), who was found to be a mentally ill homeless man, can be seen running across the street barely escaping a hit from the police cruiser


Joseph Mann's (pictured) family hired lawyer, John Burris, who said the officers' behavior was 'cowboyish' and 'outrageous'

Joseph Mann’s (pictured) family hired lawyer, John Burris, who said the officers’ behavior was ‘cowboyish’ and ‘outrageous’

Officers, Randy Lozoya and John Tennis, can be heard saying 'I'm gonna hit him' and 'OK, go for it' before appearing to drive their cruiser toward Mann, based on the dashcam released by police. Mann can be seen after dodging the officers' first attempt to hit him 


The video showed Mann (left) running across the street as police appeared to try and run him over 


Mann (right) dodged the police cruiser a second time before he was gunned down by officers 


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