Hours Before Debate, Photos of Podiums Are Released – People Instantly Noticed Something STRANGE! Whoa

presidential debate

The historic debate we never thought would happen will air tonight on every major news network. Ratings are expected to beat Monday Night Football.

With Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump facing off against Democrat Hillary Clinton, it will be 90 minutes without interruptions.

That means no bathroom breaks and no commercials. Just Trump and Hillary being grilled on questions.

However, now that the podiums are set up at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, people are noticing something very bizarre about the podiums.

Hillary’s podium will be raised much higher than Trump’s (see photo below). Is this a first?

Hillary Clinton says that we’re “stronger together,” but even she can’t deny Donald Trump is taller.

The Democratic nominee, who is 5-foot-4, has apparently enlisted the help of a raised podium for the first presidential debate against Donald Trump, who is 6-foot-3, Monday night, photos of the two podiums show.

According to WABC’s Rita Cosby, one of the two podiums inside the debate hall at Hofstra University, in Hempstead, N.Y., is larger than the other.

It is believed that the larger one was built at Clinton’s request to make her appear taller than she is.

“Clinton is 5’4″ and Trump 6’2″ and her team wanted the podium modified or a box added so she won’t look short next to Trump,” Cosby said in an email.

Via NY Daily News

presidential debate

Hillary Clinton knows how to cheat during debates, and was recently caught using a secret earpiece in a presidential town hall forum.

If this podium height change is a “first” Hillary Clinton will continue to make history… After being the first presidential candidate who go through a full FBI criminal investigation.

Viewers will be keeping a close eye on Hillary, as she may need assistance to get onto the stage and may not have the ability to stay focused for the full 90 minutes. Hillary’s severe health problems is her biggest enemy tonight.

It is unclear if such special accommodations will be made for the second debate in St. Louis on October 9th or in Las Vegas on October 19th. VP candidates Mike Pence and Tim Kaine debate on October 4th.

What do you think of Hillary Clinton’s use of a raised podium for tonight’s debate? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.

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