NEW FACTS PROVE 9/11 WTC Conspiracy/Demoliton 2016 [VIDEO]

Published on Feb 13, 2016

New Facts to prove that the 9/11 attacks were done by the American shadow government, it has many names (Illuminati, NWO, “the men behind the scenes”, “the elite”, the “rothschilds/rockefellers”, “the bankers”.


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  1. Now to the Reichstag fire and WWII. My question would be this:”Does anyone in the world have the right to defend themselves from an oppressive and deceptive economic system known as communism/judaism”? It would seem that since early 1900’s the answer would simply be “NO”. At least unless one is willing to be subjected to ad hominem attacks from judaics or brainwashed gentiles assisting them. Communism IS judaism. If you want to understand what living under judaic/communist rule means for you, as a gentile, I study the Noachide Laws signed into legislation in America and soon to be instituted internationally by UN. This IS the NEW WORLD ORDER. A good place to begin a study if this topic(Noachude Law) would be ” Come and Hear . c o m”

  2. Not that I disagree with all that Barry Zwicker states here. Just that he tends to pick up history midway as most do…….if you do not do this, you will be attacked for revealing the truth. Zwicker tows the communist/jewish agenda in this regard. Tell the entire history of WW1 and WW11, Barry. I dare you to.

  3. Prove them incorrect instead of censoring me then. Me copying and pasting information is no different than you blogging information from another source. Thag was very lame , Mr. Matrix.

  4. So, keep spreading your lies. The things post your blog contradict each other. Choose a side and dtick to it you “wishy, washy pussy”! You make little sense and spread nonsense. That us your right though but I will expose your nonsense where I can.

  5. Listen , kike, you look more foolish everytime you comment. I post a lot of things that you put forth. You bring much hasbara though. The truth you post is not the threat, it is the nonsense you post.

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