Hillary STILL campaigning on Air Force 1. She pays $36,603 total for month of August, when it costs TAXPAYERS $206,337 an HOUR of flight time on AF1


This sickly, criminal is a crooked thief and this is just shameful. How is this not headline news? Why is she on Air Force 1? That is a plane for the President on official business, not a delinquent buffoon collapsing and coughing everywhere she goes for a “speech”.


The Hillary Clinton campaign has disclosed in its August Federal Election Commission filings that it has paid $36,602.99 in the campaign’s use of Air Force One.
A Clinton aide told CNBC that the costs associated with Clinton’s July 5 Air Force One flight from Washington to Charlotte, North Carolina, with President Barack Obama was included in that total. That day was the first official joint campaign event for Obama and Clinton.
The Air Force Once expenses were listed under “DNC Travel Offset Account.” All of Clinton’s plane expenditures during the campaign, except the Air Force One flight, have been categorized as under “Travel.”
No specific details were disclosed with the “DNC Travel Offset Account.” When asked for a breakdown of the expenses to determine the exact cost for Clinton’s travel on Air Force One on July 5, the campaign declined, referring back to the total of $36,602.99 paid. As with Clinton’s other charter plane expenditures in FEC reports — no details on dates or destinations have been disclosed.




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