UNITED NATIONS to elect new President on January 1, 2017! It will be OBAMA!


Obama made his last speech as President of the United States at the UN General Assembly on September 20. However, there awaits another position, an even bigger one, as the President of the UNITED NATIONS. It will be open on January 1, 2017 as the current President steps down.

Obama would love to have complete rule of the World under the New World Order aka the New United Nations. He made the refugee crisis his main topic and declared the UN would be given more troops and more power to handle the crisis. He asked more Nations to take this responsibility seriously. The Obama administration itself has signaled it will raise the worldwide limit on the number of refugees entering the U.S. to 110,000 next year, up from 85,000 this year. Officials have not said how many will come from Syria.
He also talked to world leaders about the civil war in Syria, Russian occupation of Ukraine, and North Korea’s nuclear tests. He said the bombings in NYC and New Jersey also stressed how important it was to fight the Islamic State.

The instability in Syria and Iraq is a root cause of both the terror threat and flood of refugees fleeing the Middle East and North Africa, which has been called the worst refugee crisis since World War II. Obama failed to mention that the US was behind this disturbance in the Middle East. He also failed to say to the audience that his diplomatic policy had failed miserably.




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