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Jason Chaffetz “Everyone Had Access To Hillary Clinton’s Server” [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 19, 2016

Jason Chaffetz “Everybody Had Access To Hillary Clinton’s Server”

Jason Chaffetz talks in an Interview after he subpoenad the fbi and whats next in the investigation?


Media Blackout: Navy Seal Found Dead After Hillary Clinton Plane Crash



WikiLeaks has released a batch of emails revealing that Hillary Clinton was involved in a plane crash that caused her brain injury and left a US Navy Seal dead.

According to the WikiLeaks document, Hillary was in a C-12 Hurson aircraft that was forced to make an emergency landing at Ahwaz International Airport on the border between Iran and Iraq. The crash landing left the former Secretary of State “unconscious and bleeding profusely”.

Truthfeed.com reports:

The report indicates that Hillary was on some sort of secret mission and traveling with the members of Seal team 4.  One of the members of that team was reportedly killed when the aircraft crash-landed.

The government had previously claimed that Commander Job W. Price died of a possible “suicide.” His death was listed as a non-combat related injury. Commander Price was a leader of this highly specialized American Special Forces unit.  Their mission was to protect high-ranking diplomats traveling in Middle Eastern and Asian combat zones.



US military flight logs recorded by Russian air and space forces confirm that Commander Price, and other members of US Navy Seal Team 4, left their base in Urozgan Province, Afghanistan on a flight to US Naval Support Activity Bahrain where they met up with the then-Secretary of State, Hillary, and all of them transferred to the C-12 Huron and proceeded to fly to Baghdad.

Within minutes of leaving Bahrain airspace, the C-12 Huron carrying Hillary and her US Navy Seal protectors, “without notice,” deviated from their assigned flight path for unknown reasons.

They then headed directly towards Iran’s Ahwaz International Airport. Coincidentally, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had previously landed on an “unscheduled” visit.

See Wikileaks documents below:



If true, this would explain the strange “fall” and the extent of her serious and lingering injuries, being far more serious than the earlier reported “concussion.”





Published on Sep 20, 2016

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Since her campaign crippling public collapse in New York people are seriously looking at Hillary under a microscope. Even the dying rag the New York time put out a piece questioning it.



18 Years of Hillary’s Medical Problems From The MSM in One Convenient List


This weekend, Hillary Clinton had a very public stumble, and even the Washington Post‘s Chris Cillizza admitted her health had become a major campaign issue (one week after dismissing the issue out of hand). The video of her fainting after the 9/11 memorial ceremony went viral, but even that video is one in a long list of public struggles Clinton has had with her health.

To be fair, anyone at age 68 (69 in October) would likely have some kind of ongoing chronic medical condition, and Donald Trump likely has at least one of his own. That being said, the list of Clinton’s health maladies is long and publicly documented. It involves a number of recurring themes, especially blood clots and coughing fits. Many of her maladies are likely time-limited, and there is no guarantee that she still suffers from her 2012 concussion, for example.

Here is the list of public health struggles Clinton has had, in chronological order, since 1998. Ultimately, the voters must decide whether or not these threaten her suitability for the presidency.


1. A “potentially fatal” blood clot in 1998.

2. February 1, 2005: Clinton faints during campaign speech.

3. June 17, 2009: A massive elbow fracture.


4. 2009: A second blood clot, “deep vein thrombosis.”

5. January 12, 2011: Clinton stumbles boarding plane.

6. December 15, 2012: The concussion.


7. December 31, 2012: The third blood clot.

8. January 24, 2013: Fresnel lenses to prevent “seeing double.”

9. May 14, 2014: Bill says the recovery took six months.


10. July 31, 2015: Bardack’s letter and statement: hypothyroidism and allergies

11. October 22, 2015: A coughing fit at the Benghazi hearing.

12. February 16, 2016: Coughing fit in New York.


13. July 21, 2016: A seizure on camera?!

14. September 5, 2016: Another coughing fit on stage.

15. September 9, 2016: Diagnosed with pneumonia.


16. September 11, 2016: The fainting and final release of information.



Twitter TODAY Stopped Counting Photos and Links in 140-Character Limit



Twitter Inc. has made a major shift in how it counts characters in Tweets, giving users more freedom to compose longer messages.

The social media company TODAY stopped counting photos and links as part of its 140-character limit for messages.


It’s a step in a larger plan to give users more flexibility on the site.

Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey said in January that the company was looking for new ways to display text on Twitter, and would experiment based on how people use the service.

Hillary’s Server Guy Admits He Was Told To Hide Evidence From FBI

A major discovery that has dismantled Hillary Clinton's lies to the FBI regarding her use of a private email server has been made, proving the Clinton team broke the law - and most crucially, that they had


A major discovery that has dismantled Hillary Clinton’s lies to the FBI regarding her use of a private email server has been made, proving the Clinton team broke the law – and most crucially, that they had “intent.”

A researcher named Katica uncovered an archived Reddit thread started by Paul Combetta in 2014 who – at the time – was requesting technical advice on how to strip a “VIP (VERY VIP)” email address from archives stored on a server he had “full access to“.

Paul Combetta, who deleted Hillary Clinton’s emails (in the infamous “oh shit” moment) after the preservation of the emails was ordered by Congress, has now been caught asking Reddit how to alter the contents of emails that were under Federal investigation in 2014.

This is highly illegal.

The Conservativetreehouse reports:

The Reddit request proves that there was an obvious “intent” to hide the Clinton email address; an intent that FBI Director James Comey stated he was unable to discover during their investigation, leading to his recommendation that no charges be filed against Clinton.

If James Comey needed intent, it looks like internet slueths have just located the smoking gun the FBI was unable to locate on their own.

Last week Paul Combetta pleaded the fifth and refused to answer questions before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Paul Combetta pleads the fifth to Congress

According to Committee chairman Jason Chaffetz, the following email exchange occurred between Combetta and another undisclosed Platte River Network staff member back on 8/19/15:

Wondering how we can sneak an email in now, after the fact, asking them [the Clinton camp] when they told us to cut the backups and have them confirm it for our records. Starting to think this whole thing is really covering up some shady shit. I just think if we have it in writing that they told us to cut the backups then we can go public with our statement saying we’ve had the backup since day one when we were told to trim to 30 days would make us look a whole lot better.

Platte River Network used BleachBit to remove all traces of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails. As mentioned Paul Combetta refused to answer any questions from the committee.




Gas Goes Extinct! Several States Facing Fuel Shortage — Is This The Beginning Of The End?



As of Monday, September 19th, 2016, up to six states are facing possible gas shortages, with more potentially on the way: Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia. These states have each declared a state of emergency… until further notice.

Due to the Colonial Pipeline leak near Birmingham, Alabama as of Friday, September 9th, 2016, reports of up to 250,000 gallons of gas have been discovered. The pipeline, running from New York to Texas, provides fuel for much of the southern and eastern coasts of America each day — and could affect up to 50 MILLION Americans.

Fuel shortages, long lines, and major headache have already resulted from this pipeline leak. While the cause is said to be “unknown,” meanwhile, major cities such as Knoxville, TN, Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, among many others are already experiencing gas stations with little to no gas at all.

While the pipeline is expected to be fixed by next week, there are still several concerns regarding the surging fuel prices in America.

But What’s The REAL Cause Of This?!?!