Treason & Lies? EMERGENCY DECLARED/ALABAMA/GEORGIA – Leak Sends Gas over $4 a Gal.


The world doesn’t need oil to fuel engines – why is it still being used and contaminating everything it touches. Pipelines leaking all over the world destroying every piece of land it is land upon.

No oil more peace!


The real emergency isn’t in Alabama or Georgia, distraction story and greed the only things happening in the south. Corrupt states are starting to show their true colors, by the stories that are being reported out of them.

How do you raise the price of a gallon of gas?

Declare and emergency?

Florida can’t help? – Yes! They are spaying the people with NALED, which will help to raise the number of sick people to keep the ZIKA bee kill operation alive! Operation no food on the way!

Treason? No trucks with gas allowed in Alabama or Georgia? Lies & more lies for profits!

Georgia Makes Both Lists for Corruption!

What states continue to have events that threaten the life and health of American citizens?

“Top 10 Most Corrupt States In America”

A new study by researchers at Indiana University and City University of Hong Kong identifies the most corrupt and least corrupt states in the United States. It also calculates that government corruption costs American taxpayers tens of billions of dollars per year…