11 Bombs In 24 Hours As America Fears: We Are Under Attack.

The states of New York and New Jersey are on high alert


The states of New York and New Jersey are on high alert

Is America under attack by terrorists? I think so, and it appears authorities are under the same impression. There have actually been 11 bombs in 24 hours as Americans fear the worst. Authorities are making connections between the New Jersey bombs and the bomb in New York City by the materials used.

Oh, by the way, could the Colonial pipeline burst be terror related? We may never know, and then again after an investigation it may be revealed to the public

Another development: Authorities in New York have suspended train services via Newark airport in New Jersey following the discovery of explosive devices Elizbaeth train station. New Jersey Transit service has been shut down between Newark Liberty Airport and Elizabeth, and New Jersey-bound Amtrak trains were being held at New York Penn Station, officials said.

And still another development: New York police officers stopped and searched an SUV vehicle on New York’s Belt Parkway near JFK airport and found a cache of weapons inside the car. It appears some arrests have been made in this incident.

Lets not forget the Minnesota Mall Attack which ISIS has taken as theirs.  It truly appears this is the start of another bout of ISIS terrorism.