McDonald’s Biggest Deadly Secret Ingredient Will Infuriate You: ANTIBIOTICS


McDonald’s has made SumOfUs hopping angry, according to an email blast Wednesday morning. You’ll be infuriated, too, when you learn what the mega-hamburger corporation has been secretly serving in every meal. How it got away with this for as long as it did is frightening, considering the increasing number of deaths due to it. McDonald’s is an icon of modern society. Billions have been served its meals worldwide since first introduced 76 years ago.

“But one detail has been missing from this contemporary legend: the gross amount of antibiotics that have been pumped into the famous McDonald’s beef patty,” says the SumOfUs.

Post-Antibiotic Era

Scientists warn that humans are rapidly approaching a “post-antibiotic era”. Overusing antibiotics has resulted in bacteria becoming immune to them — thus becoming killer superbugs.

Antibiotics have saved millions of lives, but misusing and overusing them has made them less effective because bacteria develop a resistance to them. Despite scientists’ warnings, antibiotic prescriptions continue soaring and antibiotic use in farming is at record levels — meaning your McD meal is literally helping you kill yourself and your children. Doctors are seeing infections they simply cannot treat.

“It’s downright dangerous. And fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s are feeding the crisis,” asserts SumOfUs.

In other words, McDonalds is helping to create the perfect superbug that scientists warn is leading humanity to an Antibiotic Apocalypse.

Not First Time McDonald’s Encountered Public Pressure to Change

“After losing unhappy customers due to antibiotics in its chicken supply, McDonald’s cleaned up its menu in its U.S. restaurants and banned chicken raised on antibiotics that are important to human medicine. This shows that change is possible — but it won’t happen without public pressure,” SumOfUs says.

“Now we need to see that change for beef and pork too, and beyond just U.S. restaurants. We need a commitment to reduce antibiotics for all of the animals involved in the behemoth McDonald’s supply chain, and for franchises worldwide.

Antibiotic resistance is threatening humanity’s ability to survive even the most common illnesses.

McDonald’s is worth a staggering $39 billion and operates 36,000 cafes. Its cultural impact as the corporate face of hamburgers and fast food is much more significant, according to SumOfus.

“Getting an international, public-facing corporation like McDonald’s to stop the overuse of antibiotics would send shock waves through the industry.

“We know McDonald’s responds to public pressure because we’ve fought it before — and won. Over 200,000 SumOfUs members demanded that McDonald’s stop participating in global deforestation by rewriting its palm oil policy. And that’s exactly what it did. Now we need to do it again — our health depends on it.

SumOfUs is encouraging the reader to tell McDonald’s: Put antibiotics out to pasture. Commit to higher standards across the board. Commit to cut medicated meat from the menu.

SumOfUs is a worldwide movement of people working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for the global economy.


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