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Colin Powell’s Emails Exposes More Hillary Problems [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 14, 2016


Former Secretary of State Colin Powell and major Democratic donor Jeffrey Leeds worryingly discussed Hillary Clinton’s health in March of last year, hacked emails show.
The email exchange, provided to several journalists by D.C. Leaks, a website with ties to Guccifer 2.0, reveals how Clinton’s health has been a topic of discussion among political heavyweights for some time.

















 Is this the greatest Hillary lookalike in the world? Advertising executive quit her job to impersonate the presidential candidate full-time


This former advertising executive bears such a striking resemblance to US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton that she quit her job to work as a full-time lookalike.
Clinton’s ‘twin’, Teresa Barnwell, 61, earns thousands every month for impersonating the presumptive Democratic nominee.
She stands to earn even more if the former Secretary of State defeats business mogul Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee for the Republicans, this November and becomes president.

Webmaster’s Commentary:

Hillary and lookalike Teresa Barnwell

“Hillary” leaving Chelsea’s #hospital”  yesterday.

Boy, I sure would not want to be in Teresa’s shoes right now. The Democrats are about to lose this thing. More than just the Democrats, the Narcocracy is feeling their grip on the nation start to slip. The only way they could put a last-minute substitute nominee in the White House past Trump is with a sympathy vote, meaning they assassinate Teresa-Hillary and wave her bloody shirt as hard as they can.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3684267/Hillary-Clinton-lookalike-Teresa-Barnwell-quit-job-impersonate-presidential-candidate-time.html

‘Lunghazi’: Colbert Compares Hillary’s Pneumonia Cover-Up To Benghazi

Video Screen Grab

By ANNA GIARITELLI, Washington Examiner

CBS Late Night Show host Stephen Colbert compared Hillary Clinton’s cover-up of her health condition to her response to the 2012 massacre of U.S. citizens in Benghazi, Libya, during his show Tuesday night.




Julius Genachowski pays DNC $3,494,919, ’09-13 Chairman of the FCC

Richard M. Lobo’s Wife, Caren Lobo, Donated $716,000 To DNC. Obama Then Nominated Richard Lobo For Director Of The International Broadcasting Bureau.

Robert A. Mandell pays DNC $1,121,250, June 2011, President Obama named Mandell the Ambassador to Luxembourg

Tony West. 1.059 million for the deputy attorney general position

Katherine Gehl $1,025,000: Board of Director of OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), the U.S. Government’s development finance institution) nominated by Obama, confirmed by Senate in 2011

Alexa Wesner raised $483.100 for the DNC in 2008, then became Ambassador to Austria in 2013

Bruce J. Oreck pays DNC $1,136,613, US ambassador to Finland 2009 to 2015

Crystal Nix-Hines Donated $600,000 To The DNC And Then Was Nominated By President Obama To The Position Of United States Permanent Representative To The United Nations Educational, Scientific And Cultural Organization With The Rank Of Ambassador.

Jane Hartley Donated $605,000 To DNC And Then Was Nominated By Obama To Serve Concurrently As The U.S. Ambassador To The French Republic And The Principality of Monaco.

2 Ambassadors had maxed out contributions of $28,500 1 year+ they received appointments. Eileen Donahoe (UN) and Bill Kennard (EU).

John Roos term as ambassador to Japan concluded in August 2013,In April of 2014 John Roos forms The Roos Group LLC. The Roos Group is focused on strengthening ties between Silicon Valley and Japan in areas that include cross-border investment, venture capital, corporate growth, and the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship. John Roos donated 2 million, and he’s now running a company that sounds like its making a lot more then 2 million with what its doing

Effective Merger Between the DNC and Obama’s Organizing for America https://i.sli.mg/V9n9uk.jpg
OFA is an internet research firm. If the PACs and DNC are colluding and preventing competition for other Internet research firms by providing direct access, wow. Obama showing a lot of corruption here. OFA and DNC systems hosted on same account. Possible campaign finance law violation
More evidence of possibly illegal collusion between DNC and OFA via Blue State Digital
ACORN was shut down because of the kind of collusion that OFC and DNC are engaging inhttps://twitter.com/basedmattforney/status/775839790235353088
Freddie/Fannie were used by ACORN to target Red districts for Sub prime loans to turn them Blue prompting the housing crash
Memo to Tim Kaine when he was DNC chair/Virginia Governor. Shows more OFA/DNC collusion
More collusion between Kaine/DNC and OFA. Involvement in New Jersey 2009 gubernatorial race

List of donors

If this isn’t pay for play, I don’t know what is

Starting to see the pattern?

1 Matthew Berzun … Ambassador to UK
2 Julius Genachowski … Former chairman to FCC
3 Frank Sanchez…. Under secretary of commerce
8 Kirk Wagner… Ambassador to Singapore
9 Alan Solomont … Ambassador to Spain
11 John Roos… Ambassador to Japan
12 Nicole Avant… Ambassador to Bahamas
13 Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe … Ambassador to the UN
16 Steve Westly – CFO of California
17 Don Beyer – Ambassador to Switzerland
21 Don Gips – Ambassador to South Africa
22 Howard Gutman – Ambassador to Belgium
24 Cynthia Stroum – Ambassador to Luxembourg
27 Mark Gilbert – Ambassador to New Zealand
31 Norm Eisen – Ambassador to Czech Republic
37 Bruce Oreck – Ambassador to Finland
43 Tony West – deputy Attorney General
45 Bill Kennard – Ambassador to EU

DNC plan to destroy the GOP House majority through nonstop litigation.

The DNC was planning to overturn the GOP House majority by using Latinos as a wedge.

The Democrats have secret links to companies that produce legislative redistricting software

DNC plot to steal GOP House seats in Texas. https://twitter.com/basedmattforney/status/775831298330034176

DNC planned for anti-white ethnicity based gerrymandering prior to 2010 elections
If the GOP hadn’t won in 2010, the Dems would have gerrymandered a permanent majority for the next 2 election cycles https://twitter.com/basedmattforney/status/775832529354055680

Leaks contained donor credit card info. DNC did not protect. This is illegal.

Memo to Obama deputy CTO Mike Conlow from 2010 shows plan for manipulating information online

Collusion with CNBC/Wall Street? There’s a folder named “CNBC” in the DNCleak with info on stocks

Early voting is designed to skew elections in Dems’ favor. North Carolina used as laboratory

DNC starting a National Person Database
1984 much?

Still digging. Here’s the DNC stock portfolio.
It appears that they were trading stocks on earnings days in 2011 which is quite alarming. These are days that stock prices move the most. If based on insider trading information, this is HUGE!
The pastebin file is their current portfolio. If someone can download Amibroker and open the .dat files in the CNBC folder under the folder Portfolio, we may be able to find out more if we can find some patterns that look suspect.

In the earnings excel file. Bill Clinton just happened to give a speech to one of the companies – Jeffries Grouphttps://i.sli.mg/Uze60F.png
Clinton speeches should be cross referenced with the rest
OK so some of these companies in the earnings play spreadsheet seem to be up to some reeeeaaallly shady stuff regarding lobbying. There could really be something highly illegal here https://i.sli.mg/ke0KeH.png

The DNC may have been invested in Smith and Wessons earnings for Q3 2011. Coincidentally Obama brought in new gun control laws that July.

Koss was also listed. They settled a class action lawsuit right after earnings were reported in Oct 2011

Ok this is getting really illegal now.
Pike Electric recieved a contract from Clinton chaired MCC for 17.9 million dollars in 2011

Ran over the 10,000 character limit. See reply below for update. The DNC was getting earnings (scary accurate) before released to the public. This is insider trading!!!

One document specifies how the state swap program is run. Basically, this allows a DNC API to exchange and update data between states’ voter rolls twice a year!

This is how purges happen, this is how voters are targeted and registrations switched, or voters made invalid due to any number of changes by this automated system. This is how Bernie Sanders voters got removed from voter rolls and party affiliations switched. Excerpt from the document:

Swap Summary
After this agreement is negotiated with the ASDC, it is a contract between the DNC and individual states. The DNC is not bound by it in any state that does not sign.
• Public Data- Data from government agencies and all other data included in the voter file that does not constitute Proprietary Data.
• DNC Proprietary Data- Data appended or acquired by the DNC, including appended enhancements such as consumer information, political IDs, and models.
• State Party Proprietary Data- Data appended to the public record by the state party or campaigns and organizations in the state.

Data being swapped
State Party Provides:
• State Party Voter File
• Any State Party Proprietary Data collected.
DNC Provides:
• Phone and NCOA matches;
• DNC Proprietary Data relating to registered voters in that state;
• Modeling created or attained by the DNC for that State and appended to records of voters in that state, accompanied by an explanation of the purpose and effectiveness of the model;
• Training of State Party personnel in the use of the above information;
• All information collected or obtained by the DNC concerning partisan or Democratic candidate ID’s in State Party’s state, including information on all persons who have moved into State Party’s state.
• The DNC will maintain and give the State Party access to VoteBuilder, the national Voter Activation Network online platform
Frequency of Swap
This exchange shall take place 2 times each year, and will include this information for an additional new registrant update each year.

Basically, the DNC voting software is not just a database, it is a hydra of servers that update voter information and can pass updated information at the state level with a short explanation (such as voter moved, re-registered, etc.) even when those events didn’t really happen


DNC email: “Can we set up a time for a very brief call to go over our process for handling donations from donors who have given us pay to play letters? ”


Trump right again with latest Guccier2.0 DNC leaks? | Caroline Kennedy has ‘no idea’ how she became Ambassador to Japan

DNC email: “Can we set up a time for a very brief call to go over our process for handling donations from donors who have given us pay to play letters? “