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Witnesses decline to answer questions from Congress about Clinton’s email server


Two technicians who worked on Hillary Clinton’s private email server refused on Tuesday to answer questions posed by House lawmakers, citing their constitutional right to remain silent.

The men, including one who reportedly erased an archive of Clinton’s emails despite being aware of an order to preserve them, repeatedly asserted their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. They were excused from the hearing.

A third, former State Department staffer Bryan Pagliano, who played a key role in setting up the server, did not show up to testify before the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah, the Republican chairman of committee, said the witnesses’ decision not to answer questions will complicate efforts to learn more about the Democratic presidential nominee’s use of the controversial private email server. He was particularly irked by Pagliano’s decision not to appear, despite having been subpoenaed.

“It’s not optional,” Chaffetz said.

Pagliano’s lawyers, led by Mark MacDougall, sent a letter to Chaffetz on Monday, saying their client has repeatedly asserted his Fifth Amendment rights before Congress and doing so again “serves no legislative purpose and is a transparent effort to publicly harass and humiliate” the former staffer.


Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the committee’s ranking Democrat, defended the decision of the technicians and Pagliano to assert their right to remain silent, saying, “This committee is abusing taxpayer dollars and the authority of Congress in an astonishing onslaught of political attacks to damage Secretary Clinton’s campaign.” He and other Democrats have long accused House Republicans of using their investigative powers as a political attack against Clinton.

The two technicians, Paul Combetta and Bill Thornton, work for Platte River Networks, a private company based in Colorado that started managing the server in 2013.

Combetta told FBI agents that when the use of the server became public in March 2015, he realized he had not deleted an archive of emails on Platte River’s server as directed by a Clinton aide four months earlier. He then deleted the files using a software program known as BleachBit, which later complicated efforts to recover the data, according to an FBI report and a source familiar with its findings.

Combetta, who Cummings said was granted limited immunity by the Justice Department for his cooperation in the probe, told the FBI he was aware of a congressional order to preserve documents but had not received any specific guidance about it.

Clinton and her aides told the FBI they were unaware that Combetta had deleted emails in March 2015.

The FBI and Justice Department concluded there was no evidence that Clinton or her aides deliberately tried to conceal or delete work-related emails that should have been turned over to authorities.

Justin Cooper, a former employee of Bill Clinton’s and the Clinton Foundation, helped set up and run the server from 2009 through 2013 in the basement of the Clintons’ home in New York. He also appeared before the committee and answered questions posed by lawmakers in line with what he previously had told the FBI, according to the bureau’s report.

The hearing is the latest in a string of proceedings seeking to examine Clinton’s email practices since the Justice Department in July declined to press criminal charges against her.

FBI agents and federal prosecutors spent nearly a year investigating whether Clinton violated laws governing the protection of classified material by using her private email system while serving as the nation’s top diplomat. FBI Director James Comey said agents found 110 emails that contained classified information. Eight email chains had top secret information at the time they were sent, he said.

Comey called Clinton’s handling of classified material “extremely careless” but said she did not violate any laws because she did not knowingly or willfully mishandle sensitive information.

Clinton has said she decided to use the private email account for both work and personal business as a matter of convenience.


Witnesses decline to answer questions from Congress about Clinton’s email server

Hillary Clinton fired for lies, unethical behavior



Bet you didn’t know this.

I’ve decided to reprint a piece of work I did nearly five years ago, because it seems very relevant today given Hillary Clinton’s performance in the Benghazi hearings. Back in 2008 when she was running for president, I interviewed two erstwhile staff members of the House Judiciary Committee who were involved with the Watergate investigation when Hillary was a low-level staffer there. I interviewed one Democrat staffer and one Republican staffer, and wrote two pieces based on what they told me about Hillary’s conduct at the time.

I published these pieces back in 2008 for North Star Writers Group, the syndicate I ran at the time. This was the most widely read piece we ever had at NSWG, but because NSWG never gained the high-profile status of the major syndicates, this piece still didn’t reach as many people as I thought it deserved to. Today, given the much broader reach of CainTV and yet another incidence of Hillary’s arrogance in dealing with a congressional committee, I think it deserves another airing. For the purposes of simplicity, I’ve combined the two pieces into one very long one. If you’re interested in understanding the true character of Hillary Clinton, it’s worth your time to read it.


Hillary Clinton fired for lies, unethical behavior

THINGS COULDN’T GET ANY WORSE? … Tim Kaine Says Hillary’s “Energy Staggers Me. I Have a Hard Time Keeping Up With Her”







Dr. Zuhki Jasser MD: Hillary Didn’t Pass Out from Dehydration, It was Cardio or Neurological Disorder!


Dr. Zuhdi Jasser M.D. joined Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV to discuss Hillary Clinton’s health concerns. Dr. Jasser was a physician for the Navy and and physician for Congress told Steve Hilary’s medical emergency was not caused by dehydration.

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser: What she had was a syncopal episode. She passed out. That’s either cardiovascular or neurologic. Now, her team wants us to believe it is dehydration. She didn’t appear to be dehydrated and that doesn’t get fixed in 90 minutes. So I can tell you that it really appears and if I let a patient with the condition of syncope leave my office, and not get admitted, and get evaluated immediately, that would be malpractice. So there’s something going on.




Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter: “The most revealing thing about Hillary’s collapse is how relaxed and unsurprised her staff looked. To them, it must be a routine occurrence.”




Gaddafi, days before being assassinated by NATO (Clinton) supported rebels: “You are bombing the wall that stopped mass migration into Europe! Libya is a wall, you are destroying it you fools!”


Published on Sep 2, 2016

“All is fair in love and war” – where nothing is out of bounds and all the rules of ‘hard play’ are acceptable. The story of Muammar Gaddafi vs. West reminded me of this saying – it is one of the ultimate betrayal and manipulation. Once upon a time, Libya was every Capitalist’s nightmare. Its people didn’t exist simply to pay the bills – there were no rental costs, there were no electricity and utilities costs, education and medical care was free. Much like the Soviet Union, for a number of decades Libya was a flourishing socialist state.

But the West has a serious issue with authoritarian leaders. Current democracies require disposable leadership, in order to obliterate responsibility. In a parallel reality however – a “leader” is not one who spends the most on an election campaign and wins. A leader is not one who comes into office for 4 years, to look important. A leader is not one who is cleared of any responsibility for the reforms or policies that were pushed through under their administration.

Democracies corrupt our terminology – using “authoritarian” and “dictator” interchangeably – when it’s not the same thing at all. A true leader comes around once in a blue moon – and when the people recognise it, he stays for a long time. Democracies go nuts trying to discredit him [unless they installed him themselves].

The US 1986 attempt to assassinate Gaddafi failed. In 1992, they took a different approach by imposing sanctions for being “a dictator.” We now know that sanctions are never about taking the moral high ground – it is about asserting force, it is about bankrupting a country, it is about attacking their revenue streams – in this case, oil – it is about freezing its financial assets, just so that they will do as they are told.

As Libya’s economy was so dependent on oil – the only option was to mend ties with the West, agreeing to dismantle the majority of Libya’s armed forces. Gaddafi wrapped up his military programmes and the oil trade resumed. However, as we continue to learn, the West’s appetite for control in countries not their own is insatiable. “The only mistake I made was trusting the Westerners” – Gaddafi is quoted as saying.

Sarkozy was the first to launch a blow against Gaddafi; the very man who had funded him, helping him to become the President of France. It is said that the Sarkozy campaign received around 50 million Euros from Gaddafi in 2007.

Having orchestrated the government coup, the Western coalition killed the Colonel and plunged the country into chaos. The authoritarian leader once ruled Libya’s many clans “with an iron fist”, providing the closest thing to anti-capitalist utopia. Today inter-ethnic conflict prevails and the country is in shambles. Hillary Clinton cackles wildly.

But that is where the Western ‘outwitting’ of Gaddafi stops. The Colonel had warned that Libya is the only real gatekeeper between Africa and Europe. Without a hard stance on human traffickers, Gaddafi prophesised that “the European continent will turn black.” The Libyan government used to patrol its coasts, often dealing to traffickers harshly. Gaddafi was criticised for this by predominantly Soros’ “human rights” NGOS. In 2016, traffickers do business uninterrupted, and can make up to a million dollars per boat load of refugees into Europe.

[Caution: The video gets loud at 12.10 – but watch for the Westerner who is probably US special forces. They should not have been in Libya at the time – this was against international law. As explained by Putin in the video after, the Western coalition, using the appropriate tools of international law – the United Nations – imposed a No Fly Zone over Libya. In complete and blatant contravention to it, they took out Gaddafi’s regiment using drones.]