Is this the greatest Hillary lookalike in the world? Advertising executive quit her job to impersonate the presidential candidate full-time

This former advertising executive bears such a striking resemblance to US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton that she quit her job to work as a full-time lookalike.
Clinton’s ‘twin’, Teresa Barnwell, 61, earns thousands every month for impersonating the presumptive Democratic nominee.
She stands to earn even more if the former Secretary of State defeats business mogul Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee for the Republicans, this November and becomes president.

Webmaster’s Commentary:

Hillary and lookalike Teresa Barnwell

“Hillary” leaving Chelsea’s #hospital”  yesterday.

Boy, I sure would not want to be in Teresa’s shoes right now. The Democrats are about to lose this thing. More than just the Democrats, the Narcocracy is feeling their grip on the nation start to slip. The only way they could put a last-minute substitute nominee in the White House past Trump is with a sympathy vote, meaning they assassinate Teresa-Hillary and wave her bloody shirt as hard as they can.

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