DNC Looking At BIDEN, SANDERS, Or, KAINE If Hillary Does The Right Thing And Drops Out.


No one can make Hillary Clinton drop out. She must do it on her own accord. The DNC will hold an emergency meeting to speak about who might take her place if she actually steps aside. It surprised me to read that no one can make her drop out, but no one can. I think there should be a voting process within the DNC to decide this, but there is not.

I feel she should definitely do the right thing and step aside, but when does Clinton actually do the right thing for the American people? I look at the three candidates we would be left with, and honestly I do not want any of them.

Sanders would probably be my pick as he has earned the chance to run honestly and fairly. Biden is too close to Obama, and Kaine is too close to Hillary. Sanders is very old, but he in all fairness should fill Hillary’s shoes if need be.