Hillary Is Being Thrown Under The Bus! “Death By A Thousand Cuts” Wikileaks, FBI, Health Issues! [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 9, 2016

“Death By A Thousand Cuts” This Is Why Hillary Can’t Win! She is Being Thrown Under The Bus!

Hillary Clinton is being “thrown under the bus” by the elite or some power above the elite. The polls are swinging dramatically and will continue to do so as the leaks keep coming. When MSM starts turning against her and is covering her health in detail it is clear the tide has turned for Hillary. Even Paul Ryan is now getting on board. Wikileak’s Assange has promised at least 3-4 batches of damning leaks are still coming before the election. The FBI has said more information is coming in several weeks. Hillary is being waterboarded. Even with the protection of Obama and the DOJ the information just keeps coming. Things are spinning out of control for Hillary. I wonder who is leaking the info to judge Napolitano. He always seems to have inside scope that no one else has!

For Anyone questioning whether Comey is a criminal or a patriot or caught inbetween. Below is a video with narrative that I uploaded on July 6, 2016. It goes into more detail about why I think Comey did what he did! I know that Comey has a lot of past connections with the Clintons and Wall St. I am hoping that he finally stepped up to the plate and did what was best for America. The Clinton machine and the people in power certainly told him the consequence of and indictment. This may have been his only option!

From the Video:

FBI Comey Just Put Final Nail in Hillary Coffin! The Witch Is Dead!

At first I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The first 15 min of the announcement he was laying out a strong case to indict Hillary and then in the last 2 minutes basically said he couldn’t because she’s above the law. I thought he was in the Clinton’s pocket (blackmailed or worse). Then I realized what he really did was prosecute and convict Hillary in just 15 minutes. He was told by Obama, Bill, Hillary, and the rest of the power elite that even if he recommended an indictment, that it was never going to happen. Comey didn’t rise to the level of FBI director unless he is extremely smart. I’m sure he has talked to Trump and others to figure out how best to counter the Clinton/elite corruption. Hillary never expected him to do this, but he covered his ass and did like he was told by not going for an indictment. There are ties with Chris Chistie, Comey, and Trump. They all knew that “the fix was in” and AG Lynch would never prosecute. So Comey turned the tables on Hillary and decided to layout all the details of her reckless and criminal behavior so that Trump could toast her. Not only Trump, but the media, the irate Bernie Sanders supporters and voice of public opinion. People already don’t trust Hillary and after Trump starts pounding this out to the American people, Hillary is toast. Comey killed any chance of her getting elected and I think that was his plan. It solved several problems for Comey. He doesn’t get put in a position where he has to resign. He got all the damaging details out at once instead of having to leak them later. He kept the Country from going into chaos because of what Hillary and Bill would have done as revenge. He ensured that Hillary doesn’t get elected so that AG Lynch will be removed. He knows Trump will appoint an AG that will throw Hillary and Bill in jail. He gave himself time to pursue the criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation and potentially take down both Bill and Hillary. How satisfying would that be for a guy like Comey. It was a masterful play by Comey, but he will take a lot of heat!!

He didn’t have to give all those juicy details about how reckless Hillary is. Feeds right into Trumps talking points of corruption, bad decisions, and being above the law.


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