Benghazi Survivor Says There Is A “Lost” Benghazi Video.


Benghazi Survivor, Mark Geist, says there is a video taken the night of the terrorist attack which has not been released to the public. He says it shows there was no protest as reported by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

You have to ask yourself why this video has not been released to the public. Why? It is because, of course, it would reveal another lie told by Hillary Clinton.

Geist says that Clinton is encouraging the public to forget about the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. He says someone should ask her why Benghazi even happened. That is why she made the statement “we lost no one in Libya”.

He goes on to say that Clinton has been a liar throughout her whole career.
Early on in her career she was fired for unethical conduct by taking documents home that were confidential, so Clinton has always been the same person she is today.

Geist says the mark of a good leader is someone who can admit their mistakes as well as take credit for their achievements. He goes on to say that Clinton has never been and never will be a reputable leader.


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