Chicago Public Schools Become Muslim/Jewish – Pork products are banned


So my kid started kindergarten this week in the Chicago Public School system.

I was surprised when the teacher mentioned both breakfast and lunch are provided for all students free of charge.

Not that I want my kid eating school provided lunches. But, in any case, I went and looked at the menus for breakfast and lunch:

With a strange excitement the menus proclaim: “Our menus are pork-free!”

Now, being new to this public school thing, I’m not sure when the pork ban was enacted. Google can’t seem to pin down a date, so I’m guessing it’s been in effect for a while.

I’m pretty sure when I call CPS to ask about this they will try to convince me that the pork ban is for nutritional reason rather than religious reasons.

Christians eat pork.

Most Jews eat pork.

Some Hindus eat pork.

Is this pork ban to accommodate Muslims?


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  1. This would also be considered “kosher” . Right in line with Talmudic Noachide Law that has been signed into legislation in America and being systematically put into place. You keep looking at Sharia Law though, good job Mr. matrix.

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