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Revolution against ‘rich parasites’ at utopian Burning Man Festival as ‘hooligans’ attack luxury camp



It is supposed to be a utopian vision of peace and love but this year’s Burning Man Festival has been marred by “hooligans” carrying out a “revolution against rich parasites”.

The festival plays out each year in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert where 70,000 people build a city in a week, burn a giant wooden effigy of a man, and then restore the arid playa to its original state.


In recent years it has become popular with Silicon Valley millionaires, and billionaires. Luxurious so-called “plug-n-play” camps have sprung up which use hired staff like cooks, builders and security, and allow international jetsetters to drop in for quick visits.

Many traditional “Burners” claim that is a betrayal of the spirit of “radical self-reliance” that is a cornerstone of the festival, which began in 1986.

As anger boiled over one camp called White Ocean, which hosts high profile DJs on a state-of-the-art stage, became the focus of anger.


The camp first made an appearance at Burning Man three years ago and its founders included the British DJ Paul Oakenfold and the son of a Russian billionaire.

While the camp was holding a party at which revelers listened to techno music it was attacked by vandals who flooded it with water and cut power lines.


In a dismayed post on Facebook camp leaders said: “A very unfortunate and saddening event happened last night at White Ocean, something we thought would never be possible in our Burning Man utopia.

“A band of hooligans raided our camp, stole from us, pulled and sliced all of our electrical lines leaving us with no refrigeration and wasting our food, and glued our trailer doors shut.

“They vandalised most of our camping infrastructure and dumped 200 gallons of potable water flooding our camp.”



The camp leaders said they felt like there had been an effort to “sabotage us from every angle” because “some feel we are not deserving of Burning Man“.

They said: “We actually had someone from the Burning Man organisation tell us ‘It makes sense that you have been sabotaged as you are a closed camp and not welcoming’.”

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But leaders of the White Ocean camp said their reputation was unfair because they feed hundreds of other campers every day and have embraced other Burners with “open hearts and immense love”

They said: “We will absolutely not let this pathetic violation stop what we came here to do. We came here to unite people through music and love.

“We can make these foolish acts of hate as minuscule as a particle of dust on our beloved playa.” Deputies from the local Pershing County Sheriff’s Office went to the camp to assess the damage and are investigating.


Many festival-goers were outraged that the peaceful nature of the event had been undermined.

Elena Serdiouk, a Burner from San Francisco, told the Reno Gazette-Journal: “This is evil. This should not happen at Burning Man. This is supposed to be about love, happiness, sharing, giving and appreciating.

“It is unbelievable that there are angry people here.”

But others supported the attack, saying it was time to “take back” the festival.

Tony Wichowski, a Burner, said:  “And so the revolution has begun. Taking Burning Man back from the parasite class, back from the electronic dance music tourists. Taking Burning Man back for the people. This wasn’t much but it’s a great start.”

Danielle Palmer, another Burner, accused the camp of having “paid staff and bouncers”. She said: “You’re a closed camp and not very welcoming. I got yelled at for coming to close to your ‘gates’.

“We know you hire people in to cook and do other things. Feeding friends of your paid campers does not count as feeding Burners.”




Burning Man stage White Ocean sabotaged by ‘hooligans’ in attack on ‘parasite class’


White Ocean venue accused of elitism, attacked Photo: The White Ocean venue says they feed ‘hundreds’ of non-White Ocean burners every day. (Burning Man: Gurpreet Chawla)

An exclusive camp at Nevada’s Burning Man festival has been raided by angry festival-goers who accused the venue of betraying the “inclusive” principles of radical self-reliance the festival was founded on.

In a post on its Facebook page, the White Ocean Camp said their venue was raided by “hooligans” who cut power cords, destroyed property and “glued our trailer doors shut”.

“This year has been quite the challenge for our camp,” the Facebook post said.

“We have felt like we’ve been sabotaged from every angle, but last night’s chain of events, while we were out enjoying our beautiful home, was an absolute and definitive confirmation that some feel we are not deserving of Burning Man.”

According to local media, Pershing Country sheriff’s office has been called in to investigate the raid, which took place during a “white party” — where festival-goers dress in white while enjoying international headline DJ acts.

The reaction to the raid has been mixed, with many suggesting the White Ocean venue, which was started by Timur Sardarov — the son of a Russian oil magnate — was targeted for being part of the “parasite class”.

“I remember before the wealthy Silicone (sic) Valley snobs took over the Black Rock Desert with all their commercialism the Burning Man was a free event,” one Facebook user wrote on the White Ocean page.

“The whole Burning Man event should be burned to the ground it is so elitist and exclusionary.”

Attack goes against ‘every principle’ of event

Burning Man festival started as a guerilla performance in the late 80s when two friends burnt a 2.5-metre-high wooden effigy on a beach in San Francisco, drawing the interest of local bohemians who joined in on the “authentic” art performance.

Despite more than 67,000 people passing through the gates in 2015, organisers say they have tried to stay true to the festival’s “bohemian” principles, with festival-goers pitching in to build the camps, and self-sufficiency and “gifting” being relied on over money.

But in recent years, venues like White Ocean have offered “plug and play” luxury camps set up by paid teams and frequented by global elites who parachute into the festival, while regular festival-goers complain of being turned away from similar venues by bouncers.

Responding to the criticism of being an elitist venue, White Ocean claim to “feed hundreds of non white ocean (sic) burners a day”.

“We came here to unite people through music and love. We came here to inspire and we came here to live and let live,” the Facebook post read.

Many have condemned the attack, offering their support and condolences to the venue’s owners.

“That should never happen at Burning Man,” Jim Porto wrote on White Ocean’s Facebook page.

“It goes against every principle of the event, regardless if some people like White Ocean and some don’t.”

Because of the increasing popularity of the event, tickets sell out in minutes and are often resold for upwards of $1,000.






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The “Pod People” And The PlaneThat Crashed Into the Pentagon


As we run up to yet another anniversary of the 9-11 false-flag attacks, the government’s controlled assets on the web are once again pushing the “no plane at the Pentagon” hoax as hard as they can, to give the corporate media an easy means to discredit those who question the official story while avoiding the really tough questions like, “Why did the BBC announce the collapse of World Trade Center 7 twenty six minutes before it actually happened?” Or, “How did President Bush’s Secret Service know he was not a target sitting in that school on Florida?

The media cannot ask, let alone answer, those questions, so the propagandists gin up this “No plane” theory and plant it online to give the corporate media an easy handle with which to ridicule and dismiss the whole idea of doubting the official story of 9-11.


Sep 06 08:08

Debunking the “The Saudis did 9-11” nonsense!

And finally, here is some common sense that totally undermines the attempt to frame Saudi Arabia for 9-11. If Saudi Arabia really wanted to hurt the United States, they don’t need to fly airplanes into skyscrapers to do it. All they have to do is ask for their money back, all at once. The resulting damage to the US financial system would make 9-11 look like a minor inconvenience in comparison.

And it would be perfectly legal for Saudi Arabia to ask for their money back.



This weekend is the 15th anniversary of the 9-11 false-flag and corporate media is already saturating the channels with specials to reinforce the official story, along with the latest variation that Saudi Arabia and not Iraq or Afghanistan (or whoever else was being blamed) was the arch villain behind 9-11.

Needless to say, the propagandists are trying to junk up the independent media with stories about nuclear bombs, directed energy weapons, and the traditional favorite disinfo, that there was no plane at the Pentagon!


Shaped Charges and the
World Trade Center Collapses









Julian Assange says “1,700 emails in Hillary Clinton’s collection” proves she sold weapons to ISIS in Syria


In Obama’s second term, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton authorized the shipment of American-made arms to Qatar, a country beholden to the Muslim Brotherhood, and friendly to the Libyan rebels, in an effort to topple the Libyan/Gaddafi government, and then ship those arms to Syria in order to fund Al Qaeda, and topple Assad in Syria.

Clinton took the lead role in organizing the so-called “Friends of Syria” (aka Al Qaeda/ISIS) to back the CIA-led insurgency for regime change in Syria.

Under oath Hillary Clinton denied she knew about the weapons shipments during public testimony in early 2013 after the Benghazi terrorist attack.

In an interview with Democracy Now, Wikileaks’ Julian Assange is now stating that 1,700 emails contained in the Clinton cache directly connect Hillary to Libya to Syria, and directly to Al Qaeda and ISIS.

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Julian Assange says “1,700 emails in Hillary Clinton’s collection” proves she sold weapons to ISIS in Syria [Video]

Evidence of Molten Metal at World Trade Center On 9/11 Which Jet Fuel From 100 Stories Above Could Have Never Produced


Uploaded on Aug 5, 2009

NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) would have us believe there was no evidence of molten metal at the World Trade Center on and after 9/11. This is a clip from ‘Blueprint for Truth’ 2008 edition which clearly shows that NIST may have overlooked some crucial evidence. ‘Blueprint for Truth’ produced by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. AE911truth.org.


CLINTON FOUNDATION 444444444444444

Hillary Clinton Admits White House Policies Will Be Sold To The Highest Bidder If She’s Elected

“The fact Hillary Clinton believes it is appropriate for her husband to remain on the board of the Clinton Foundation if she is elected is proof that she operates in a permanent ethical blind spot and lacks the judgment to be president. This would present an unacceptable and unprecedented conflict of interest which would compromise her presidency beyond repair. That’s why the country’s leading newspapers, ethicists, and even top Democrats are calling on the Clintons to separate from the Clinton Foundation or to even shut it down. Given the repeated examples of Clinton Foundation donors and officials receiving access and favors from Hillary Clinton’s State Department, what she is proposing is to essentially plant a giant ‘for sale’ sign on the White House lawn.” – Jason Miller, Senior Communication Advisor

Today Clinton Told ABC News Bill Clinton Would Not Step Down From The Clinton Foundation If She Is Elected President. “Hillary Clinton told ABC News’ David Muir today that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, should not have to step down from his position at the Clinton Foundation. ‘I don’t think there are conflicts of interest,’ the Democratic presidential nominee said in a joint interview today with running mate Sen. Tim Kaine.” (Enjoli Francis, “Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Says Husband Bill Should Not Resign From Foundation Post,” ABC News, 9/5/16)

Major Editorial Boards Have Called For Bill, Hillary And Chelsea Clinton To Leave The Clinton Foundation:

The New York Times’ Editorial Board Said Bill, Hillary And Chelsea Clinton Should “End Their Operational Involvement In The Foundation And Its Affiliates For The Duration Of Her Presidency.” “A wiser course would be to ban contributions from foreign and corporate entities now. If Mrs. Clinton wins, Bill and Chelsea Clinton should both end their operational involvement in the foundation and its affiliates for the duration of her presidency, relinquishing any control over spending, hiring and board appointments.” (Editorial, “Cutting Ties To The Clinton Foundation,” The New York Times, 8/30/16)

The Boston Globe’s Editorial Board Called On The Clinton Foundation To Be Shut Down.” “Although the charity founded by former President Bill Clinton has done admirable work over the last 15 years, the Clinton Foundation is also clearly a liability for Hillary Clinton as she seeks the presidency. The once-and-maybe-future first family will have plenty to keep them busy next year if Hillary Clinton defeats Donald Trump in November. The foundation should remove a political — and actual — distraction and stop accepting funding. If Clinton is elected, the foundation should be shut down.” (Editorial, “Clinton Foundation Should Stop Accepting Funds,” Boston Globe, 8/16/16)

USA Today Editorial Headline: “Mothball The Clinton Foundation” (USA Today, 8/23/16)

The Washington Post Editorial Board Called On The Clinton Foundation To End All Ties To The Clintons Should Hillary Clinton Get Elected President. “Should Ms. Clinton win, all of that work and all of the foundation’s assets should be spun off to an organization with no ties to the first family.” (Editorial, “The Latest Clinton Emails Show What An Ethics Agreement Shouldn’t Look Like,” The Washington Post, 8/23/16)

The Los Angeles Times’ Editorial Board Called On Bill, Hillary And Chelsea To End Their Ties To The Clinton Foundation. “We would propose a differently solution: that the foundation continue but that the Clinton family sever its connection to it so long as Hillary Clinton is in the White House. That means not only Bill and Hillary Clinton but also Chelsea Clinton, who now serves as the foundation’s vice chair.” (Editorial, “It’s Time To Take The ‘Clinton’ Out Of The Clinton Foundation,” Los Angeles Times, 8/25/16)

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune Editorial Board Called On The Clintons To Shut Down The Clinton Foundation. “There is only one way to mitigate the damage at this point. As painful as it would be, the Clintons must shut down what until recently was known as the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. The half-measures being proposed don’t go far enough and leave the issue as one that will plague her until the last days of this election and perhaps beyond.” (Editorial, “It’s Past Time To Shut Down The Clinton Foundation,” Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 8/26/16)


Who Killed RadioShack? [VIDEO]


Published on Aug 29, 2016

Who killed RadioShack isn’t a mystery at all. The real mystery is, when are the USPS, Congress and a new administration going to start pushing back on China’s predatory e-commerce practices — and the U.N. rules that support and subsidize it?

9/11 First Responders had been given false assurances by Christine Todd Whitman, the EPA administrator – Now many are dying of cancer [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 6, 2016

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=19618

If the brave men and women who had rushed to the World Trade Center in the chaotic days after 9/11 to help with the search and rescue had done so knowing the risks they were facing, that would be one thing. But of course they did not. They had been given false assurances by Christine Todd Whitman, the EPA administrator who assured the public just days into the clean up that the air was safe to breathe.