[9/4/16]  Has anybody noticed that Huma Abedin, lifelong Muslim Brotherhood symp, is now the acting Democratic candidate for President?

I’ll bet the DNC knows it.

Hillary’s condition could be fatal if she has as stroke, or takes a little too much Coumadin, one of her prescribed medications. The public has been told almost nothing about the specifics of her condition. But medical people have looked at the evidence and at her photos, which look dangerous.

The media know the truth, which is why they are hotly trying to deny it. All of them, in unison. Donald Trump is dropping hints, which is what he does a lot of the time.

So please, please look again at Hillary’s actual photos, and at the known facts about her only day-and-night companion, Huma Abedin.

If you don’t, you’re missing the biggest and most dangerous political drama of our time.

I would begin by wondering whether bad news about Hillary’s health is a political lie, because rational people don’t just believe everything they read. They test and test and test the facts. Don’t believe these words, just the evidence of your eyes. The New York Times sure won’t tell you the truth.

When you see what medical people all over the world are seeing, it’ll be plain as day.

Because of Hillary’s evident incapacity, her close companion Huma Abedin may represent the biggest strategic deception since D-Day. This is not a joke.

The Muslim Brotherhood, called the Ikhwan, should be remembered as the Nazi-era “Islamischer Broederbund” founded in 1928, as a Hitlerite organization, headed by the Mufti of Jerusalem.

Huma’s mother Saleh is only a figurehead, who supposedly runs the  “non-profit UK charity” that owns the family propaganda mag. The whole Abedin family has been on the take from “The Institute for Muslim Minority Studies,” including Huma and Mom.

In Islam women are less than nothing without a man, so the family charity front was almost certainly started by her father, who is now dead. TIMMS is nothing but the family business, running as a nonprofit charity in the UK, and fronting for the Ikhwan, which is headquartered in the Gulf, now that they can’t operate in Cairo any more. President Sisi of Egypt is running a hot war against them in that country, and their biggest Jihad op may be happening in Washington, DC.

Hillary’s illness and Huma’s influence over the 2016 Democratic campaign can be seen on YouTube and on major conservative and anti-Jihad websites. Anybody can check the facts.

For Heaven’s sake, open your eyes, before it’s too late.




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