Hillary Clinton Brain Damage FBI Defense Disqualifies Her From Being President

hillary clinton

According to documents released by the FBI regarding their questioning of Hillary Clinton, it is fairly obvious that she wanted the FBI to believe she was too overwhelmed by the details of her work as Secretary of State to be held accountable for the consequences of her actions. The reason for her inability to properly conduct the affairs of state on behalf of the United States, we are supposed to believe, was a fall in her home in December of 2012.

She presents the case that the threats to national security and violations of federal law that occurred as a result of her reckless endangerment, careless handling and violations of procedures were not her fault, nor are the discrepancies in her accounting for her actions. They weren’t really lies; they were her best recollection or non-recollection as impacted by an unexpected impairment that resulted from the concussion and subsequent brain injury she sustained in her December fall.

Clinton claimed in her July 2nd FBI interview and continues to claim to this date that she was unable to remember much of the events of her entire tenure as Secretary of State due to the brain damage she sustained in the fall and its complications. The lingering effects, she would have the FBI and the American people believe, prevent her from remembering and thereby make it impossible for her to offer an explanation as to what motivated her actions.

She told FBI investigators she was still incapacitated to a significant degree by that event, that she could not and still cannot answer 26 important questions related to their investigation.


Clinton Brain Damage FBI Defense Disqualifies Her From Being President