Barbara Honegger offers convincing evidence that there were multiple explosions at the Pentagon during the attack on 9/11 [VIDEO]

Published on May 20, 2013

This evidence answers questions such as why the Pentagon lawn was severely damaged in some photos but looked like a manicured golf course in others. She reinforces the proposition that the primary damage was not caused by a Boeing-757 but by a drone, a helicopter, and multiple demolition charges inside the building. Be aware, however, that she is selective in considering who had sufficient motive to mastermind the crime. She identifies the Israeli government and its agents in the US, because the US predictably responded by attacking Israel’s historic enemies. However, she ignores other groups that also benefitted from the war in the Middle East which followed 9/11. They include CFR Neocons (who seek to expand domestic government power in the name of national security) and the military-industrial complex (which seeks ever expanding budgets and profits from waging perpetual war). Still, Honegger’s revelations relating to the attack itself are startling.