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September 1st 2016 VP Joe Biden Confessed, President Invented ISIS & Sacred Commitment W/ NATO [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 1, 2016




ISIS Reveal Why They Never Target Israel

ISIS disclose why they will never target Israel

ISIS has revealed the reason why they refuse to target Israel in their campaign of terror against the world.


According to an article by Egyptian newspaper Egypt Independent, the Islamic State claims that their god Allah commands them to leave Israel alone.

Fellowshipoftheminds.com reports:

Instead, ISIS’s immediate enemies and targets should be apostates — a word that variously means turncoat, heretic, atheist, or infidel. The article then makes a historical reference to how Saladin (1137-1193), the Sunni Muslim military commander, had fought Shiite Muslims first before capturing Jerusalem. The implication is that ISIS should focus on fighting fellow Muslims who are “apostates,” and conquering countries like Iraq and Syria.

Note: ISIS is the acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. It has another acronym, ISIL, favored by Obama, which stands for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. (The Levant is a geographical term that in its widest historical sense included all of the countries along the eastern Mediterranean shores, extending from Greece to Cyrenaica. Today, Levant consists of the island of Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and part of southern Turkey.) Daesh is the acronym of the Arabic name for ISIL: al-Dawlah al-Islam?yah f? al-?Ir?q wa-al-Sh?m.


Below is the Google translation (with some editing on my part to render it less gibberish) of the Arabic essay by Bassam Ramadan, “Daesh: Allah commands us not to fight Israel,” Egypt Independent, Sept. 7, 2014.

He said the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Daesh), Allah in the Qur’an commands us not to fight Israel or Jews, but fight the apostates and hypocrites

Daesh said in a tweet on the page used to publish data and information operations: “Question the Saudi people who defends Juggernaut. Does your country kill the apostate. Apostles and companions, Ashraf people ordered us to kill the apostate. (Note: Ashraf refers to someone who is a direct blood-line descendant from Muhammad by way of his daughter Fatimah.)

On questions about why Daesh does not fight Israel but will fight the people of Iraq and Syria, Daesh said in a separate tweet: “In the Qur’an, God speaks of the near enemy and the hypocrites as more dangerous than the original unbelievers. (Note: In the context of this essay, “original unbelievers” is a reference to Jews.) The answer was at Abu Bakr’s feet while fighting the apostates to open Jerusalem, which opened after the Umar bin al-Khattab. (Note: Abu Bakr was the father of Muhammad’s child-bride, Aisha, and a trusted advisor to Muhammad.Umar bin al-Khattab, who was hostile to Islam before his conversion, succeeded Abu Bakr as the second caliph.)

Daesh added that “The answer is seen in what Saladin and Nur ad-Din did. They fought Shiites in more than 50 battles in Egypt and Syria before Jerusalem. Saladin was told: ‘Fight Shiites, the Ubaydi state in Egypt, and leave the Roman Crusaders to occupy Jerusalem. Do not fight the Crusaders.’ (Note: Saladin was the first sultan of Egypt and Syria and the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty. A Sunni Muslim of Kurdish origin, Saladin led the Muslim military campaign against the Crusader states in the Levant. At the height of his power, his sultanate included Egypt, Syria, Upper Mesopotamia, the Hejaz, Yemen and other parts of North Africa.)

Daesh said: “Jerusalem will not be liberated until we get rid of these idols, the likes of Al Alinvtaiwih and all these families and pawns of [western] colonialism that controls the fate of the Muslim world.”

Of course, if ISIS is actually a creature of the CIA and the Mossad, as some claim — a claim that I have avoided looking into, dreading what I might uncover — then it’s a no-brainer why ISIS has not and will not fight Israel or Jews.




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Israeli Think Tank: ISIS Serves Positive Function, Helps Fight Iran

Assange Says New Hillary Clinton Leak Will Destroy Her This Month

Julian Assange has said that a new Hillary Clinton leak set to be released this month will end her presidential bid

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has promised that his next publication on Hillary Clinton will bring her presidential campaign to an abrupt end. 


On Monday, September 26, 2016, Trump and Clinton are due to appear on one platform together at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York in a televised debate to the nation.

Anonhq.com reports:

Assange has said Clinton committed “extortion” by hyping fears over the possibility of a Republican victory, in order to attract left-wing voters.

Assange also claimed he has in his possession, damning emails on how Clinton made secret deals with sponsors of the terrorist organization, the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Assange said Clinton’s secret dealings with this ISIS sponsor have resulted in huge funds donated to the Clinton Foundation from the sponsor.

He continued that the Federal Bureau of Investigation cannot overlook these impending damning materials that will soon be made public. Assange made this latest claim in an interview with the British journalist, Afshin Rattansi of Russia Today network.

“We have more info and we will publish everything when the time is right some of these materials can get Hillary Clinton to lose the nomination,”  Assange reportedly told Rattansi in the interview.

Assange further said Bernie Sanders will get the nomination after Clinton is gone, as he is the one holding the remaining votes of the party delegates.

Below is the full transcribed version of the interview Rattansi held with the WikiLeaks founder on the next leak, which will kick Clinton out of the presidential race.

Rattansi: If there is any illegality in the pending emails you will release or malfeasance in what you already released President Obama could presumably act on it and get Hillary Clinton charged? Regardless of whether you are about to release any email which would mean that James Comey and the FBI would have no alternative but to arrest Hillary Clinton?

Assange: Our view which we have already stated is if the evidence that the FBI has is enough for a grand jury to indict already… But a prosecutor has to ask a grand jury to indict. And if a prosecutor doesn’t ask, a grand jury won’t indict. But our next leak can bring her down because it is something that FBI can’t overlook!

Rattansi: When will be the date when you will release this leak?

Assange: I will not reveal the exact date but I can promise you this, will Bring Hillary Down Before The Debate Stage On September 26th.

According to political commentators, if Assange’s yet-to-be released materials warrant the indictment of Clinton, senator Sanders will replace her per the rules of the Democratic Party. As it stands now, everybody is calmly waiting for the very day Assange and his team will drop this bombshell, kicking Clinton out, and replacing her with senator Sanders.


We’re supposed to believe that passenger jets such as these could punch straight through the tank armor thick steel of the WTC, like a hot knife through butter.



Published on Sep 1, 2016

I couldn’t resist uploading these nice excerpts from this 2004 documentary “Scrapping Aircraft Giants” ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0945591/ ), which shows that the Freemasons begun to laugh at the sheeple as early as in 2004. In a similar manner the Freemasons made a mockery of the sheeple with their infamous “Capricorn One” movie back in 1977 in relation to the “Moon landing”, but the sheeple did not get the point… This one is related to 9/11, of course – I hope everyone remembers how thick were those steel perimeter columns of the defunct Twin Towers. Enjoy.


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The FBI unwittingly discovered that Hillary violated the federal records act “thousands of times”- even once is a felony. You become automatically disqualified of ever holding public office if convicted.

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Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.



LOCK HER UP! SHE IS OWNED BY THE ELITE! Hillary Clinton Deleted Email Grovels To The Rothchilds, Sold Favors To Make Her Millions, Threaten Military Responses” Against Russia and China for Exposing her Crimes…



Hillary Clinton deleted email grovels to the Rothchilds, “Let me know what penance I owe you”. PROOF HILLARY IS OWNED BY THE ELITE!!!