Dust clouds sweep through Burning Man

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Disgusted Burners slam wealthy ‘sparkle ponies’ who are taking luxury helicopter rides to Burning Man


Black Rock Helicopters ad for rides to Burning Man (Photo: Screen capture)


helicopter company is advertising its fancy private helicopters to Burning Man campers — and many fans of the annual festival aren’t happy about it.

Each year, hippies and artists come together for a week of creative adventure, where everyone can let their freak flags fly free across the Nevada desert. People bring as little as a sleeping bag to as much as a live-in RV. They wander from camp to camp meeting new friends, participating in activities from sexual adventures to live performances and crafting art installations. The collective is set up on a bartering system and people bring as much gear as possible to both survive and create a crowd-pleasing camp. Nudity is encouraged and judgement outlawed.




A glowing, gutted jumbo jet is roaming around Burning Man


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Burning Man 2016: A look at even more art and architecture, day three

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Why the Rich Love Burning Man

Burning Man became a festival that rich libertarians love because it never had a radical critique at its core.


Trey Ratcliff / Flickr

In principle the annual Burning Man festival sounds a bit like a socialist utopia: bring thousands of people to an empty desert to create an alternative society. Ban money and advertisements and make it a gift economy. Encourage members to bring the necessary ingredients of this new world with them, according to their ability.

Introduce “radical inclusion,” “radical self-expression,” and “decommodification” as tenets, and designate the alternative society as a free space, where sex and gender boundaries are fluid and meant to be transgressed.

These ideas — the essence of Burning Man — are certainly appealing.

Yet capitalists also unironically love Burning Man, and to anyone who has followed the recent history of Burning Man, the idea that it is at all anticapitalist seems absurd: last year, a venture capitalist billionaire threw a $16,500-per-head party at the festival, his camp a hyper-exclusive affair replete with wristbands and models flown in to keep the guests company.

Burning Man is earning a reputation as a “networking event” among Silicon Valley techies, and tech magazines now send reporters to cover it. CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Larry Page of Alphabet are foaming fans, along with conservative anti-tax icon Grover Norquist and many writers of the libertarian (and Koch-funded) Reason magazine. Tesla CEO Elon Musk even went so far as to claim that Burning Man “is Silicon Valley.”




‘Let the burn begin!’ Cara Delevingne and Paris Hilton lead the celebrities heading to Burning Man festival

Burn baby burn: Cara Delevingne and Paris Hilton have led the way with celebrity photos and Snapchats ahead of Burning Man 2016

‘So let the burn begin…’ she captioned the photo.

The women are in the dark but are wearing light up clothes and accessories in the snap. 

Paris Hilton, 35, was another celebrity leading the way to the festivities, and sharing the experience with followers on social media.

The squad: Paris Hilton posted this photo of her travels to Burning Man

Different look: The hotel heiress had her hair styled in multiple braids

Reggae style: She also accessorized with a multi-coloured top

Having fun: 'This is what happens when you're a #PlayaVirgin entering into #BurningMan for the first time. #DustAngel'

Paris was heading to the desert festival for the first time, and quickly got into the spirit of the desert event as she rolled around in the dust. 

The reality star and DJ snapped a photo of her and her squad as she captioned it: ‘Taking off to #BurningMan #LetsDoThis #DragonflyDen.’

The hotel heiress had her hair styled in multiple braids as she accessorized with a bold red jacket.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3766305/Let-burn-begin-Cara-Delevingne-Paris-Hilton-lead-celebrities-heading-Burning-Man-festival.html#ixzz4Iv4X4CFx



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Late to the party! As Burning Man gets well and truly underway, organizers hit a snag while erecting the festival’s famous effigy which is left hanging upside down and HEADLESS due to equipment problems


'Upside-down': Work was still underway on Monday on the Burning Man, the festival's burning effigy, after there was reportedly a problem erecting it at the site in Nevada's Black Rock Desert

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3765382/Late-party-Burning-Man-gets-truly-underway-organizers-hit-snag-erecting-festival-s-famous-effigy-left-hanging-upside-HEADLESS-equipment-problems.html#ixzz4IvDAhRQJ


Festival mode: Revelers, pictured dancing to the Trashkan Marchink Band, wasted no time getting the party started

Established: The annual event, attended by 'Katapult Sandra' and 'Divine Mustache', pictured on stilts, is this year celebrating its 30th anniversary

Displaced: Among the art installations on display is a segment of a Boeing 747

Changing perspectives: Among the 70,000 festival-goers are Mark Dill and Brit Thacker, pictured practicing acro-yoga

Exhibit: Sandra Mallet, pictured, views one of the many art installations on display at Burning Man

Recreation: Among the art installations is Playa TV, pictured with revelers Jody Friedman and Jeff Montgomery

Two wheels: Most festival-goers get around the site on bikes, pictured congregating around the Space Whale installation

Feat: A pink metallic 'art car' and the Temple Project are among the temporary structures and vehicles that have sprung up at the festival 

Striking: Attendees can also admire the dramatic views and sunsets from the Tower of Ascension

Creative: Festival-goers make a huge effort with their costumes, such as this attendee, who wore a robot costume

Glittering: The festival, which started on Sunday, runs until September 5

Blazing: The Spire of Fire, pictured, is one of the highlights of this year's illuminations at the festival