Evidence Against Hillary Is Staggering!! [VIDE]


Published on Aug 30, 2016
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Editing this video required that I watch 10s of hours of previous videos I had done. I found that the concept of how quickly people forgive and forget past events really hit home. The videos show over and over the massage amount of criminal activity and corruption that the Clintons, our government, and the elite people of the day are involved in and yet how quickly we the people forget. The very thought that anyone could do the things that Hillary did and get away with them proves without a doubt that there is a shadow government that operates above and outside our laws and is accountable to no one. Many presidents have warned us of this over the years and it shocking that people are so dumbed down that even when the warnings come from the presidents of our country, most people can’t believe or accept the reality. President Kennedy’s speech on Secret Societies couldn’t have been much clearer. As Mayor Giuliani says at the end of both Part 1 and Part 2 videos, what the Clinton’s have gotten away with right in from of all our eyes, completely exposed to all of us on internet and TV, will go down in history as the biggest criminal event in politics by far. Makes Nixon look like a choir boy. I’m not saying Giuliani gets off free either. I believe he knew about 911 and was probably involved in some way. I’ll start working on Part 3 of the video once I upload this one. After that I plan to do a final edit and combine the three with final edits and fixes.