I WAS RIGHT: Erdogan BLAMES CIA, FBI, Obama for the 2016 Military Coup [VIDEO]


Published on Aug 27, 2016

JUST LIKE I SAID: USA government was behind the military coup that resulted in 200+ people dying in less than 10 hours. Erdogan says powerful forces in the American government were able to control the Istanbul military.


Guess who is hiding this information? The American mainstream propaganda media.

Guess who is believing in a USA government conspiracy which orchestrated a coup that killed 200+ people in Turkey? The Turkish President.

Guess which news organization had the brain or guts to cover this?RT.

I do not know if Erdogan is still Obama’s puppet, but one thing is clear, Turkey has been helping ISIS since 2013. They train Jihadis inside the country and also directly buy oil from them.

Since Illuminati puppet Obama’s goal is to sustain ISIS and help them any way he can, it’s impossible to say at this point why Erdogan would partner with Putin and stop friendly relations with Obama.

We will find out soon what this is all about.


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