Hillary Clinton Got Dr. Drew Fired For Exposing Her Bad Health

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“Dr. Drew” Pinsky has had a regular television spot on HLN for five years, and he has often appeared as a health and wellness expert guest on a number of other shows. In addition, he does a radio broadcast called “Midday Live” on KABC.

During his Tuesday broadcast last week, Dr. Drew spoke with another physician regarding Hillary Clinton’s health:

“The fact is, she released her medical records some time ago, and based on the information that she has provided and her doctors have provided, we were gravely concerned not just about her health, but her health care.

Both of us concluded that if we were providing the care she was receiving, we would be ashamed to show up in a doctors’ lounge. We would be laughed out. She’s receiving sort of 1950s level care by our evaluation.

It just seems like she’s getting care from somebody that she met in Arkansas when she was a kid.”

Just a week later, however, CNN executive vice president Ken Jautz announced that he and Dr. Drew had come to a mutual decision to air the final episode of “Dr. Drew on Call” on September 22nd. Jautz explained:

“Dr. Drew and his team have delivered more than five years of creative shows and I want to thank them for their hard work and distinctive programming. Their audience-driven shows, in particular, were innovative and memorable TV.

And Dr. Drew has been an authoritative voice on addiction and on many other topical issues facing America today.”

But America thought that the timing was…suspicious:

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