DEVELOPING SCANDAL #12: Hillary Continues to Cover Up Her State Department Meeting Where She Sold Out America To Corporations And Foreigners; Refuses To Release Her Meeting Calendars Until After Election

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Assange: When You See That Hillary Clinton Has Not Been Prosecuted, That Is ‘Elite Immunity’


It is an horrific reflection on the United States that its citizens would even remotely consider a candidate for president with the track record of hillary clinton. The uneducated masses are asses, and 50% or more of voters probably couldn’t describe anything about her history or the positions she’s held.

Her only real accomplishment was to make her family rich at the expense of the American people and our government. Duplicitous, evil, greedy dirt bag. The bernie madoff of American politics.


WikiLeaks on Twitter: “”She’s baldly lying” – WikiLeaks cables show Clinton lied, backed #Honduras coup”