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Zika insecticide being sprayed in Miami causes paralysis, cancer and death


(NaturalNews) Many Floridians are apparently in panic mode over the possibility of contracting Zika virus, with new reports indicating that municipalities throughout the Miami area are busying spraying insecticide over neighborhoods day in and day out to quell public fears. But the insecticide they’re using, known as “Naled,” is anorganophosphate chemical that, ironically enough, is linked to the very same symptoms and health outcomes as Zika itself.

CBS Miami reported just the other day that the popular Miami neighborhood of Wynwood, an artsy tourist destination, is seeing planes regularly spray Naled over homes, businesses and parks. People just aren’t coming to Wynwood anymore because they’re scared of getting bitten by a mosquito that might be harboring Zika, so public health officials are resorting to carpet-bombing the area with chemicals, with the hope of bringing folks back to the downtown business district, which is quickly becoming a ghost town.

Local business owners say they’re seeing few, if any customers, even on the weekend, and local residents say they’re just not willing to take what they believe is a huge risk by going outside, eating at restaurants and socializing with others in public places. One pregnant women from the area by the name of Leslie Isaza, deeply concerned about what Zika might do to her unborn baby, had this to say to reporters:

“My one job is to protect this baby. I can’t get bit by a mosquito.”

“My biggest concern is, the most fearful thing is, I don’t want to have a child with some of the severe cerebral defects that are being talked about, including microcephaly,” said another pregnant mom, Leah Acero.

Their sentiments are valid, perhaps, assuming that what we’re all being told about Zika is even true. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) doesn’t seem to think Zika is all that big of a deal, though. And while a very small percentage of Zika cases manifest with the types of symptoms many are worried about, the vast majority don’t even show symptoms at all. While taking sensible precautions to avoid mosquito exposuremakes sense, fear seems to be driving people to unnecessary extremes.

Naled far worse than Zika, agricultural consultant warns

A much bigger concern, and one not even covered by CBS Miami, is the threat of Naled, which is linked to causing respiratory problems, hypotension, incontinence, gastrointestinal disorders, blurred vision and excessive sweating. In more severe cases,Naled can cause tremors, seizures, coma, convulsions, paralysis, cancers of the thyroid, breasts, ovaries, esophagus, kidneys and colon, leukemia and even death.

A product of the AMVAC Chemical Corporation, Naled is listed as having many health effects, both chronic and acute, making it more dangerous than Zika, which typically has mild effects. And unlike Zika, exposure to Naled does not confer lifelong immunity to Naled – Naled is dangerous every single time, and could become more dangerous over time, as it builds up in a person’s system.

“The most common and worst application of Naled is aerial because its toxicity increases up to 20-fold this way and it can drift up to 1/2-mile,” says Sadhu Govardhan of Govardhan Gardens in Puerto Rico, another area where Zika is said to be a major threat.

“Naled has been found to be highly toxic for fish, birds and beneficial insects, especially bees. Unlike most other insecticides, Naled even interferes with the photosynthesis of plants and therefore causes damage in our flora. … In short, the toxic, acute and chronic, long-term effects of Naled on humans and nature are horrendous—by far worse than the virus it is used to prevent.”

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Pedophile Catholic priest apologises to dozens of boys he abused


Vincent Gerard Ryan: Convicted paedophile and former priest


A pedophile priest who “overlooked” one victim when he confessed to sexually abusing dozens of boys should not be sent back to jail, a judge has been told.

Former NSW Hunter region priest Vincent Gerard Ryan, who was released in 2010 after 14 years behind bars, said when he had tried to “wipe the slate clean” he had “no memory” of a case now before the District Court.

The 78-year-old’s lawyer, Mark Preece, submitted it would be a “truly crushing and horrible outcome” for the aged and rehabilitated offender to return to jail.

The notorious pedophile has pleaded guilty to attempting homosexual intercourse with a male under 18, indecent assault and gross indecency of an altar boy in the mid-1980s.

The abuse was revealed when that victim faced a sentence hearing for sex offences.

Ryan swore on the Bible on Monday at his own sentence hearing when he apologised to the former altar boy and to all of his many other victims and their families.

After more than five years of sessions with a psychologist, he now realised the harm he had caused and “the gravity of what I have done” something he “didn’t get” before.

He had not perceived himself as being in a position of superiority and had always imagined himself “as another child” playing with his victims.

He had no siblings, was a timid child, had no-one to talk to and was “terrified of my shadow my whole life”, Ryan said.

But he became aware of the damage he had caused through media reports and other inmates in jail where he had been hated universally.

Saying he was deeply ashamed of his crimes, Ryan added “there is no excuse, there is no-one else to blame”.

Sean Hughes, for the crown, quoted parts of the victim’s statement including: “I could not say no to someone as important as a priest”.

He also felt he couldn’t tell anyone as he would not be believed, particularly by his grandfather who believed Ryan “was a very good man”.

If acting Judge Norman Delaney decided a term of less than two years was appropriate, Mr Hughes said he would not be in error to suspend it.

Mr Preece described the case as “unusual in the extreme” given that Ryan had sought to wipe his slate clean before serving his jail term.

He will be sentenced on a later date.



REALLY? Hillary Clinton testified before Congress that she had a SCIF in her home. [VIDEO]



Published on Oct 22, 2015


SCIF  A Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF; pronounced “skiff”) in United States military, security and intelligence parlance, is an enclosed area within a building that is used to process Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) types of classified information.


Once the email scandal broke we learned that Hillary had an unsecure server setup in her home where she used a personal email address to conduct State Dept business. Many intelligence and security experts have questioned exactly HOW Hillary got Classified information from the SCIF, sent to her personal email. Here is Hillary testifying before Congress on Benghazi that she had a SCIF in her home. Is this true?!


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Bill Clinton Just Said Hillary’s Email Crimes Are Too Complicated For Ordinary People To Understand [VIDEO]


Published on Aug 14, 2016

Former President William Jefferson “Slick Willie” Clinton was known during his scandal-laden tenure in the White House to have “the people’s touch.” He made every American, big or small, feel like he was listening to their problems, and that their thoughts and voices mattered. “I feel your pain,” he once said…and people actually believed it.

Well, he must have lost that common appeal since he started his vegan diet, because he’s now every bit as stiff and tone-deaf as he used to be socially adept.

Can you believe what he just actually said about his “wife” Hillary’s email crimes? He said that they were “too complicated to explain to people.”

Okay, let’s stop things right here. Are they really “too complicated” for the average American to understand? How stupid does he believe we are? Secondly, even if they are incredibly complex, what does that have to do with them being legal or illegal? That should be irrelevant. Nice try, Big Bill.

Bill was in full panicking, defensive mode when he recently fielded questions about Hillary’s email crimes. He went off, screeching the following:

“This is the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard. First of all, the FBI director said when he testified before Congress, he had to amend his previous day’s statement that she had never received any emails that are classified. They saw two little notes with a ‘c’ on it,” Clinton said, referring to the emails, which were notes for a phone call that Clinton was scheduled to have with a foreign leader. This is the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard.”

Okay, Bill. He had one telling thing to say, though:

“She should have known that a different set of rules would apply to her.”

This is disgusting. Nobody gets to play with different rules, Bill.

Do you think his spouse belongs in the jailhouse instead of the White House?

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks will show how US intelligence interferes in European elections

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Julian Assange, the founder of whistleblowing platform WikiLeaks, has claimed that fresh leaks are on the horizon and indicated that European politics may soon be rocked by fresh spying revelations.

In a recent interview with Dutch television program Nieuwsuur he said: “We know it is the US National Security Agency that is the most aggressive [at spying] on other nations. We have obtained evidence, which we will publish in due course, about US intelligence agencies interfering in European elections.”

Assange also claimed WikiLeaks has more unreleased documents withheld for publication at a later date. “We have a lot of material relating to the US election campaign, including relating to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the Clinton Foundation and the DNC,” he said.

“There is intense interest in the US election and it has been a driver for a number of interested people to submit material to the media – including WikiLeaks […] it’s nothing to do with my personal position. We would never not publish such information once we had verified it to be true.”

The comments come after Assange faced criticism and accusations of bias after publishing 20,000 internal emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) which many speculate were initially obtained by hackers aligned with the Russian government.

While the source of the email leaks remains unknown, multiple cybersecurity firms uncovered evidence that at least two infiltrations at the DNC computer networks were likely the work of state-sponsored groups known as Fancy Bear and Cosy Bear.

Whatever the source, the contents of the emails contained evidence that high-level DNC officials conspired to undermine the election campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders. Amid mounting controversy, its communications director, financial officer and chief executive were forced to resign.