Italian Catholic Priest Defends Pedophilia During TV Interview, Says it’s the Child’s Fault [VIDEO]


Trento, Italy — A Catholic priest was suspended this week after defending pedophilia during a television interview.

During the interview, the reverend Gino Flaim claimed to “understand pedophilia” and said it’s caused by the child’s attempt to find affection.

He told Italy’s La7 television channel, “I’ve been to lots of schools, and I know children. Unfortunately, there are children who seek affection because they don’t receive it at home and I understand that some priests can give up. Pedophilia is a sin, and like all sins has to be accepted.”

When the interviewer asked Flaim, “So, you actually mean that most of the time it’s because of the kid’s fault?”

Flaim responded by saying, “Yes, most of the time.”

After condoning pedophilia and blaming it on the child, this holy man went on to bash homosexuality, calling it a “disease.”

According to UPI, Flaim’s comments resulted in his immediate suspension from his position at Trento’s San Giuseppe and Pio X parish, and came as Pope Francis convened a global synod of 300 bishops on family issues, including the church’s attitude toward homosexuality.


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  1. This is not pedophilia, you fool.
    It us homosexuality. These molestors are not preying on pre pubescent boys but young adults. And of course, Catholic priests are the
    Lowest in terms of such attacks on children sexually falling behind Protestant pastors and rabbis.
    And in truth, all clergy pale in comparison to sex predators in public school ie teachers, counsellors, coaches and administrators.

    • “The Catholic priest offender rate among priests is about ONLY 1.5%.”

      So out of 410,000 Catholic priests around the world, ONLY 6,000 have raped little boys. Most raped an average of 10 to 200. That’s ONLY about a half million boys raped. ONLY 500,000 lives destroyed. A mere pittance.

    • GENEVA — The Vatican revealed Tuesday that over the past decade, it has defrocked 848 priests who raped or molested children and sanctioned another 2,572 with lesser penalties, providing the first ever breakdown of how it handled the more than 3,400 cases of abuse reported to the Holy See since 2004.

      • There are 400,000 priests. That amounts to about a 1% incidence rate. You dont think any of them were infiltrators? Bella Dodd, former US communist Party head, admitted to Congress she personally placed 1100 Joo agent marxists Into the priesthood to subvert it.

      • The Denver Post

        May 25, 2010
        Scandal creates contempt for Catholic clergy
        By Electa Draper

        Pope Benedict XVI, arriving to celebrate Vespers at the Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Fatima, on May 12, 2010, urged priests Wednesday to take a “firm stand” for their vocation at a time when the Catholic Church is being rocked by a succession of scandals over pedophile priests. (Vincenzo Pinto, AFP via Getty Images)

        A steady stream of revelations and civil lawsuits over child sexual abuse by priests seem to signal the Catholic Church has the biggest problem with clerical scandals, but experts deny it is a hot zone of exploitation.

        Insurance companies, child advocacy groups and religion scholars say there is no evidence that Catholic clergy are more likely to be involved in sexual misconduct than other clergy or professionals. Yet ongoing civil litigation of decades-old cases against a church with deep pockets keeps the Catholic Church in the headlines.

        “There is no plausible evidence that Catholic priests are gangs of sexual predators, as they are being portrayed,” said Pennsylvania State University Prof. Philip Jenkins, eminent religion and history scholar, and a non-Catholic who’s studied the church’s abuse problems for 20 years.

        Jenkins said there has been no formal study comparing denominations for rates of child abuse. However, insurers have been assessing the risks since they began offering riders on liability policies in the 1980s. Two of the largest insurers report no higher risks in covering Catholic churches than Protestant denominations.

        Wisconsin-based Church Mutual Insurance Co. has 100,000 client churches and has seen a steady filing of about five sexual molestation cases a week for more than a decade, even though its client base has grown.

        “It would be incorrect to call it a Catholic problem,” said Church Mutual’s risk control manager, Rick Schaber. “We do not see one denomination above another. It’s equal. It’s also equal among large metropolitan churches and small rural churches.”

        Iowa-based Guide One Center for Risk Management, which insures more than 40,000 congregations, also said Catholic churches are not considered a greater risk or charged higher premiums.

        “Our claims experience shows this happens evenly across denominations,” said spokeswoman Melanie Stonewall.

        However, the largest insurer of the Catholic Church was silent on the subject.

        Midwestern Catholic dioceses formed their own Nebraska-based nonprofit insurance group in 1896, now called the Catholic Mutual Group, which is the provider to 111 out of 195 U.S. Catholic dioceses. Catholic Mutual’s counsel, Tim Augustine, declined comment on sexual-abuse claims.

        National Center for Missing and Exploited Children President Ernie Allen said his organization has received more than 825,000 reports of child abuse and does not see any statistical indication the Catholic Church has a greater prevalence of cases than any other setting — after accounting for the size of the church, the largest Christian denomination in the U.S. and the world.

        “There is a common denominator among those who abuse children,” Allen said. “They seek out situations where they have easy access and cover. It should surprise nobody that an abuser is a teacher, coach, youth leader, pediatrician, minister, priest or rabbi.”

        The Boy Scouts of America was recently ordered to pay $18.5 million to a former scout abused by an assistant scoutmaster in 1983, in a case that highlighted the Boy Scout organization’s secret files on suspected child molesters. In the 1980s, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was the charter holder for an estimated one-third to one-half of the nation’s Boy Scout troops, according to CBS News.

        Researchers and journalists examining the sexual and physical abuse by American public schoolteachers have found “a horrendous volume of cases,” Jenkins said, and nobody has paid the sort of attention to it that the Catholic Church has experienced since the late 1990s.

        The Catholic Church has a particularly extensive network of schools and youth ministries, and Allen’s organization had been sharply critical in the past of the way it and other churches handled suspected abuse.

    • Sexual abuse of minors is not the province of the Catholic Church alone. About 4 percent of priests committed an act of sexual abuse on a minor between 1950 and 2002, according to a study being conducted by John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York.

      • Sorry, its 0.3- 1.5% if youre being honest. Far lower than any other category of people in any profession…Public schooling, boy scouts, coaches, admins, counselors, uncles, step dads.
        ‘Pedophilia (the sexual abuse of a prepubescent child) among priests is extremely rare, affecting only 0.3% of the entire population of clergy. This figure, cited in the book Pedophiles and Priests by non-Catholic scholar, Philip Jenkins, is from the most comprehensive study to date, which found that only one out of 2,252 priests considered over a thirty-year period was afflicted with pedophilia. In the recent Boston scandal, only four of the more than eighty priests labeled by the media as “pedophiles” are actually guilty of molesting young children.

  2. The Jewish Ralmud sanctions rape of children as long as they are younger than three.
    But you’re too lame to report on that.
    Or pull stats out of your arse as in 10-200.

    An offender rate of 1.5 is far lower than public school officials, teachers, coaches and step fathers not to mention Rabbis and Protestant Pastors. So what part of the insurance study did you miss? Prot clergy are raping at rates of 200-1. But you don’t give a damn with your silly bias.

    • I guess we all have our biases up our arses, LOL. You definitely hate JOOS and Christian Protestants and believe it’s OK for Catholic priests to rape little boys of ALL ages as long as they are doing less raping than other religions. The priests represent Jesus on earth and you think Jesus condones rape? Insurance only deals with what they had to pay out which is likely less than 1% of the priest crimes committed.

      • Never did I intimate that it is ok to rape a child, you biased shill, BUT that in reporting this sick crime, balanced reporting of WHO the perpetrators are and to what extent, is paramount IF the goal is to OUT those responsible and bring about change. Insurance Actuaries must underwrite the policies, and so they look and analyze all reports of child crimes and just who is responsible to write policies. Their research concludes that Rabbis and Protestant Pastors lead the category. You are dumber than any story you write with its grossly biased and sensational and non factual content.

      • Please take your medicine before you blow a blood vessel.
        Most men who were raped by priests as children have not disclosed this fact for various reasons. It could affect their standing in the community, their relationships with their spouse, their children. It could affect their jobs and even their standing in their church. Many will not voice in public that they had a homosexual experience, even if not their fault. Due to this, I’m certain 90% of priest rapes are never reported.

      • Have not disclosed? The same could then be true about J EWs raped by Rabbis, or Protestants raped by Pastors, or public schooled children….Yours is an imbecilic disusting hypothesis with no credibility or sense at all, F*cking Shill

      • Bob loves to rehash twenty year old stories about priests only but present day child rapes by Rabbis take place and Bob doesn’t utter a word. Smell an agenda yet goyim?

        Tel Aviv principal, 5 teachers suspected of abusing dozens of kids

        One detainee at school arrested for serious sexual assaults against children aged 6-7, others for striking pupils

        Times of Israel
        Police said Monday they had arrested a school principal and five teachers on suspicion of serious sexual and physical abuse of dozens of young pupils at a religious school in Tel Aviv.
        The arrests came after a month-long undercover operation over suspicions of abuse against the children, aged 6-7 at the time, during the years 2005-2010.
        Police questioned dozens of children and their parents, as well as welfare workers and psychologists.
        One of the detainees is suspected of serious indecent assault of pupils, including some incidents that happened during lessons.
        The other five are suspected of hitting pupils for disobedience, the Hebrew-language Ynet website reported.
        Police said that suspicions of wrongdoing at the school were raised a number of years ago, but the matter had not led to an investigation until now.
        The suspects are to be brought before Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday for a remand hearing.

        Jewish teacher suspected of molesting pupils in Amsterdam flees to Israel
        With 12 comments
        5 Israelis suspected in racist attack
        With 6 comments
        Ex-girls’ school head to be extradited to Australia for sex abuse

        rehmat1 on 07/25/2016 at 10:01 am
        LOL …. all that despite Tel Aviv known for 280 Jewish brothels.

        Isaac on 07/25/2016 at 6:08 pm
        That is what they teach. to be insolent and criminal. Is all in the family.

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