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Brazil Can’t Clean Up Its Shit in Time for the Olympics [VIDEO]

Published on Jul 30, 2015

Athletes in next year’s Summer Olympics here will be swimming and boating in waters so contaminated with human feces that they risk becoming violently ill and unable to compete in the games, an Associated Press investigation has found.

An AP analysis of water quality revealed dangerously high levels of viruses and bacteria from human sewage in Olympic and Paralympic venues — results that alarmed international experts and dismayed competitors training in Rio, some of whom have already fallen ill with fevers, vomiting and diarrhea.

It is the first independent comprehensive testing for both viruses and bacteria at the Olympic sites.

Brazilian officials have assured that the water will be safe for the Olympic athletes and the medical director of the International Olympic Committee said all was on track for providing safe competing venues. But neither the government nor the IOC tests for viruses, relying on bacteria testing only.

Extreme water pollution is common in Brazil, where the majority of sewage is not treated. Raw waste runs through open-air ditches to streams and rivers that feed the Olympic water sites.

As a result, Olympic athletes are almost certain to come into contact with disease-causing viruses that in some tests measured up to 1.7 million times the level of what would be considered hazardous on a Southern California beach.



Despite promises to clean the Rio de Janeiro bay in time for the 2016 Olympics, mayor Eduardo Paes was forced to admit this week that some of the athletes are just going to have to deal with competing in the raw sewage expelled by a large, poorly managed city.

Although Paes offered assertions that the athletes will only compete “in the cleanest part of the bay,” researchers reportedly found traces of deadly enzymes in the water last year. And, via the AP:

A helicopter ride Monday organized by biologist and environmental activist Mario Moscatelli illustrated the extent of the problem, revealing household trash floating throughout the entire bay, including within lanes for the Olympic sailing competition.

Heavy rains in Rio over the weekend exacerbated the problem. Each time the tropical city sees heavy rains, the amount of raw sewage emanating from the city’s more than 1,000 “favela” slums spikes and huge amounts of trash are flushed off the streets and into area waterways.

“I think it’s a shame,” Paes reportedly told SporTV.

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Landslide at the ‘center of the universe’ brings plea for contributions to save Rabbit Hash buildings


Rabbit Hash “Mayor” Lucy Lou searches for kittens that live beneath a damaged building.

Even a hardy little hamlet like Rabbit Hash is not immune to the foils of nature. But still, as ever, its people – and canine mayor– prevail.

By late June, after weeks of pounding rain swelled the hillside behind the Rabbit Hash Ironworks building, a landslide plowed its way down to collapse the building’s back wall, buckling its roof, and threatening the structural integrity of yet another historical building in its path.

But for “Mayor” Lucy Lou, concerns go beyond wood and nails – lives are at stake.

“There are a bunch of kittens under the building and she’s always looking for them,” says Bobbi Kayser, secretary of the non-profit Rabbit Hash Historical Society [RHHS], a group of volunteers who own the three and a half acres of property that is Rabbit Hash, and pay for its upkeep and repairs.

She is also the proprietor of the mayor’s home.

As is the nature of a border collie, especially one on official duty, the mayor is tenacious in her efforts to sniff out the safety of her tiniest constituents that live beneath the Hacienda – the 100-plus-year-old building that sits in front of the Ironworks structure. The building houses a bed and breakfast, a Kentucky Crafted artisan center and a winery. The kittens have yet to emerge.

In addition to its broad appeal as a step back in time to a centuries-old ambiance, much of Rabbit Hash’s quirky charm, and certainly national attention, can be credited in part to its unique mayoral elections, which, since 1998, have resulted in a canine at the helm. One might think that, as the hill slides in, there could be no one better-suited to dig them out of trouble.

MORE:  http://www.nkytribune.com/2015/07/landslide-at-the-center-of-the-universe-brings-plea-for-contributions-to-save-historic-buildings/



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Police in Berkeley conduct full-scale military operation in American neighborhood over one robbery suspect

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Leuren Moret lives in Berkeley, and if you have listened to her videos, she describes that Berkeley is being used to test the illuminati plans to control us all — right in Berkeley. ~J




Military like response to one suspect shuts down American neighborhood

In a scene more reminiscent of a war-zone than an American city, Berkeley, California police conducted what looked like a full-scale military operation in a residential neighborhood in response to a one person robbery of a local laundromat.

Despite the fact that no one was injured in the robbery, police decided to effectively close down an entire neighborhood in an attempt to catch the “silver tooth” robber who they admitted may or may not have been armed. Police advised residents to stay in their homes as they went house to house to search for…

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RT: Inspiring photo: Acclaimed armless pilot hugs little girl, also without arms

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

© Right Footed A documentary film about Jessica Cox

The first licensed armless pilot and motivational speaker, Jessica Cox, was caught on camera doing what she does best – going out of her way to help others. Following a mother’s message and a six-hour drive, three-year-old Ruth got to meet her hero.

The two hugged in an emotional photo that proved that no matter what you are born with in life, compassion and solace only require you to have a heart.

Click Here to continue reading this inspiring story.

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Major Shakeup In Washington! House Bill To Remove John Boehner is Published And The Reason Will Shock You!


Random Candidate

Tea party champion Rep. Mark Meadows filed a motion Tuesday to oust House Speaker John A. Boehner from his leadership post, escalating the feud between a faction of conservative lawmakers and the Republican leadership.

Mr. Meadows, North Carolina Republican, filed a motion to “vacate the chair,” which could force a no-confidence vote by the full chamber and result in the removal of Mr. Boehner as speaker.

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Livni: Justice Minister Shaked will bring Israel to ICC (International Criminal Court)

The Ugly Truth


JERUSALEM POST – Zionist co-leader Tzipi Livni blasted Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked Thursday, asserting that her plan for establishing a legal body separate from the High Court of Justice to deal in land disputes in the West Bank, would play into the hands of and “aid the BDS movement.”

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NY cardinal who lives tax-free in $30M mansion scolds Americans for being against illegal immigration


Fellowship of the Minds

In an op/ed, New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan chastises Donald Trump and Americans who have problems with illegal immigration and illegals who commit heinous crimes of rape and murder, calling us “nativists.”


The Oxford English Dictionary defines “nativism” as “The policy of protecting the interests of native-born or established inhabitants against those of immigrants.” In his op/ed, Dolan calls “nativism” an “ugly phenomenon,” and “nativists” as those “who see the unwashed, ignorant, bothersome brood as criminals and misfits who threaten ‘pure America,’ and are toxic to everything decent in the United States.”

Timothy Dolan

Dolan writes:

“[Nativism] flourished in our country during the 1840s and 1850s — actually becoming…

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