Why We Need a Troll (Trump) as President


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“The trolls are winning the battle for the Internet,” sniffed Ellen Pao in the Washington Post. Pao, who resembles a younger, Asian, and more masculine version of John Kerry, was forced out of Reddit after trying to crack down on “hate speech” and encountering unexpected pushback. While many may see this as a political battle, the truth is that Reddit’s war against “offensive” groups isn’t about principles, but profit. In order to monetize the site, certain groups need to be killed off. Consumers need a “safe space” in order see ads and spend their shekels in peace. “Trolls,” in short, disrupt the smooth functioning of an exploitative system.

Now we are seeing a similar phenomenon in politics, as at least for now, the trolls are winning the battle for the Presidency. A newly released poll shows Donald Trump remains the leading candidate for the Republican nomination for President. The mainstream press is divided on whether to dismiss The Donald or hysterically attack him. Either way, Trump is not backing down, even refusing to apologize after attacking John McCain’s record in Vietnam.

MORE:  http://www.radixjournal.com/journal/2015/7/22/why-we-need-a-troll-as-president



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