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Barack Obama says ISIS will be defeated by ideas, not guns. Wait…what?




The complex threat of the ISIS extremist group will not be ultimately defeated by guns but through ideology, Barack Obama says.

The U.S. president made the remarks Monday on the military campaign against the Islamic State group after being briefed by Pentagon officials earlier in the day.

He called for co-operation among countries in a fight he said spills over borders. Obama will look to partner with Muslim communities that he said are often the target of ISIS attacks.

“The battle for hearts and minds is going to be a generational struggle,” he said.
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4 Myths about the U.S. Civil War. Plus a Bonus Fact!


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The mass hysteria over the Confederate flag is incredible and quite inane. A lot of it is because of ignorance about history and, in this case, about the U.S. Civil War. This is understandable because history is always written by winners who, of course, make themselves look so awesome and noble. So, let’s take a look at the common myths that everyone “knows” to be true:

1. The North attacked the South in order to end Slavery

The truth? The North attacked the South in order to stop the secession. That’s all. The reason didn’t matter … the bottom line was, “No, you can’t go.” The South could have tried to secede for ANY reason, and the end result would have been the same. Why?

For one, the South, if treated as an independent country, was very wealthy. In fact, it had the fourth largest economy in the world…

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ISIS – the dumbest story ever told




Okay, so what’s wrong with the ISIS story? Haven’t they beheaded two Americans? Haven’t they taken over vast portions of Iraq? Haven’t they threatened America?

The answers to those questions are 1. A lot 2. Maybe 3.Maybe 4. Yes

Here is what is wrong with the ISIS story. Let’s start with the two videos.

In the first video, experts agree that it was staged. The victim never gets beheaded in the video! The guy moves the knife back and forth but doesn’t actually slash the throat. Can you believe that the guys who want to prove that they are barbaric and want to scare Americans … made a propaganda video where they did not do what they want you to think they did? They would go to the extreme length of using editing software? Was the guy afraid that the blood might get on his Halloween outfit?

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Condemned Boston Marathon bomber files motion for new trial




Lawyers for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev filed a motion for a new trial Monday, less than two weeks after he was formally sentenced to death for the 2013 attack.

The motion did not contain any details on Tsarnaev’s legal arguments, saying only that a new trial is “required in the interests of justice.”

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360-565-5147 – Did this number call you? FAKE GOOGLE PARTNERS


fake telemarketers


Fake Google Partners, the recording told me that my Google Business page was unverified. When I spoke to a rep he told me that my page needed “work” and when I nicely explained that my business is an actual Partner of Google and I have reps at the Google office that help me set up business pages for my business and my clients he hung up on me.

Webmaster’s Commentary: 

These calls to “conform” your page to Google are a SCAM, one that is undeterred by the “do not call” list and obviously invisible to the NSA!

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BIG PHARMA DEATH SQUAD? 2 More Doctors Go Missing, after 3 Found Dead in 2 Weeks




The past two weeks I’ve reported on three alternative doctors (two MD’s and one DC, PhD) who were found dead in less than two weeks (Click through for stories and funds for families as well as numbers to report tips to authorities) It was with heavy heart, as I knew a few of the doctors and have many mutual friends with all three. The only update on the third one, Dr. Teresa Sievers MD, is that they have absolutely no suspects in mind, and her husband and kids were out of state in Connecticut at a family reunion that she left early to get home to see patients. (update: Initially I said I would not post a link Dr. Sievers in this article and I didn’t. People started questioning me. So, as much as it pains, me, here is the most recent article from NBC. Click through at your own risk. I’m not posting the details here out of respect. Now, in just a few days, we have two more doctors missing…

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BIG PHARMA DEATH SQUAD? Third “Alternative” Prominent Doctor Found Dead In 2 Weeks [VIDEO]

Published on Jul 1, 2015 http://www.undergroundworldnews.com This has been a tragic few weeks and our hearts go out to family and friends of the doctors. First we had controversial Autism researcher Dr. Jeff Bradstreet MD who was found in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest and died in or around June 19th. […]