Hacking Team: We won’t ‘shrivel up and go away’ after cyberattack


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LONDON, UK — A company specializing in spyware that’s had its secrets and corporate entrails strewn across the Web, in many eyes, would not recover from such an attack.

According to a Hacking Team executive however, recovery is not only possible — but expected.

Over the past few days, Milan, Italy-based Hacking Team has been thrust into the spotlight after a devastating cyberattack in which a hacker waltzed away with over 400GB in stolen data. Financials, customer records, emails and the source code of surveillance tools were then gleefully thrown into the public domain by the perpetrator — and that data has been downloaded by everyone from security professionals to activists and journalists ever since.

Executive employee meltdowns, public threats, a website and Twitter account taken offline, security firms picking apart new exploit data, and no doubt a hoard of seething clients whose names have been exposed have all hit Hacking Team in record time.

MORE:  http://www.zdnet.com/article/hacking-team-cyberattack-aftermath-interview/



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