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The Ugly Truth


Ed-note (Sabba)  – Jerusalem lecturing Athens on Democracy!!! Noah Feldman, who belongs to the tribe who gave us usury and racism and who elevated genocide and lying to a religious duty (KOL NIDRE), so this chosenite thinks he knows democracy better than the people who invented it.

Greece is doing Democracy wrong he dares say: what is the right way of doing democracy for a someone who believes he is the chosen of God?

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Is a HAARP Weather Weapon Causing the California Drought? [VIDEO]

Published on Nov 3, 2014

Here’s a look at several events on the West Coast radar that definitely beg the question of whether or not we are all living in a James Bond movie where the weather is no longer a natural occurrence — and the California drought is an engineered disaster.

From artificial scarcity to pushing the man made global warming agenda…to higher prices for basic resources like water and food…to betting on weather derivatives on Wall St. and huge crop insurance payoffs…there are plenty of ways for corrupt people in high places to hold the rest of us hostage in order to make a cynical buck.

Go check out The HAARP Report’s channel for in-depth reports on weaponized weather and how California’s historic drought is being engineered: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp7x…


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Sandy Hook Staged Government False Flag [VIDEO]

Published on Jun 30, 2015
Sandy Hook is the domino to make this government fall.” – Wolfgang Halbig

FULL LENGTH VIDEO — Wolfgang Halbig, former teacher, law enforcement, and current national school safety assessment & emergency management consultant, maintains that the so-called Sandy Hook CT shootings were a staged cooperative government – community “Capstone” exercise planned years before December 2012, for the purpose of banning commonly-used firearms and limiting free speech. Halbig asserts the incident was a financial bonanza for the Newtown community and involved parents, all involved parents moving into the CT community only between 2009-2011, and all receiving over $200K each for their involvement in the exercise. Halbig’s questions to Newtown are returned with silence and contempt; threat of arrest.

Many details don’t add up… record shows no report of actual shots fired; no social security numbers for the dead students; 16 state troopers pre-positioned 45-60 minutes before the alleged shootings; tax accessor’s website shows the families got free houses on Christmas day when all government offices are closed; half-a-dozen charities set up for alleged victims days before the shootings; no one sued the school or the estate of Nancy Lanza; no parent wanted to see their children in the school; closed casket funerals; no EMT’s allowed in the school; the shooter was a 112-pound weakling with a debilitating condition but shoots like Rambo….with 95% percent kill rate; crisis actors, and much more.

Halbig also presents the proper safety procedures that schools must follow in a code-red event and urges parents to study your local school emergency management plan.– October 6, 2014

FROM:  http://investmentwatchblog.com/sandy-hook-a-staged-government-false-flag-wolfgang-halbig/

Wisconsin Votes To Hide All Government Actions From The Public


wisconsin secret state


A bill to hide government actions both large and small from public scrutiny is quietly making its way through the Wisconsin legislature.

A budget committee voted to approve the bill Thursday along party lines with only Republicans voting for it. It still must pass both houses and be signed into law by the governor.

The dismantling of Wisconsin’s open record laws is unprecedented and would enable lawmakers to hide their actions from the media and the public.

The bill would effectively draw a curtain over the government’s actions as it would extend to legislative aids, committee hearings, oversight, and all communications even down to school board meetings.

Wisconsin Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee refused to say who proposed the bill.

MORE:  http://xrepublic.tv/node/33428



Published on Jun 22, 2015

PLEASE get this information out!!! SHARE and RE-POST as far and wide as you can folks! A learned network / software engineer’s analysis of what’s really behind the “JADE HELM EXERCISE”, (aka “Jade Helm 15”), (Joint Assistant For Development and Execution (JADE). She reveals that what we are actually seeing is a SYSTEM ROLL OUT of an INCOMPREHENSIBLY DIABOLICAL Artificial Intelligence Quantum Computing Technology that can do many, many things including the production of holographic battlefield simulations and has the ability to use VAST AMOUNTS OF DATA being collected on the HUMAN DOMAIN to generate HUMAN TERRAIN SYSTEMS in geographic population centric locations to IDENTIFY and ELIMINATE insurgents, rebels, or whatever labels that can be flagged as targets in a GLOBAL INFORMATION GRID for NETWORK CENTRIC WARFARE ENVIRONMENTS.

The “JADE TWO” BATTLE FIELD SYSTEM is cognitive and intuitive. It can examine prior executed battle plans and devise ‘new and better’ strategies to increase the ‘kill chain’. The second generation of JADE, (aka “JADE TWO”), has the capability for two way communication with DRONES through the O.C.C.O.M. technology which is one of the next generation integrations to this system. In short, JADE HELM will not be battles directed by Generals and Military Commanders, but by a computer. It is a COGNITIVE SOFTWARE SYSTEM program based on a NETWORK CENTRIC WARFARE SYSTEM,… basically “AT THE HELM”. Hence we have “JADE HELM”! The COMPLETE 2.5 HOUR INTERVIEW can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqGEz…



priests rape boys





Story image for priest sex abuse from wwlp.com


Waterbury Priest Suspended On Child Sex Abuse Allegations

Hartford Courant22 hours ago
Waterbury priest who once ran the St. Francis Home for Children in New Haven has been suspended on accusations he sexually abused a minor at the school.


Story image for priest sex abuse from St. Cloud Times

St. Cloud Times

St. Cloud Diocese to undergo unprecedented abuse investigation

Minneapolis Star TribuneJun 30, 2015
Judge Kris Davick-Halfen ruled that lawyers can proceed with a “public nuisance” claim against the diocese by an alleged victim of priest sex abuse — a move …


Church apology over sex abuse ex-priest Colman McGrath

BBC NewsJul 1, 2015
The Catholic Church has apologised after a retired priest admitted indecently … He was also placed on the sex offenders’ register and told he would be …


Catholic priest James Robinson fled after ‘police tip-off’

BBC NewsJun 30, 2015
A paedophile priest fled the country after a police officer tipped off the Catholic Church in Birmingham, a sex abuse victim has claimed. The man said the officer …


Court Upholds $1 Million Priest Abuse Verdict, Rejects Church

Connecticut Law TribuneJun 29, 2015
The Connecticut Supreme Court has upheld a $1 million jury verdict in a priest sexual abuse case against the Archdiocese of Hartford. The 57-page majority …


Huffington Post digs up a solid story on abuse in Baltimore

GetReligion (blog)20 hours ago
Yes, it’s about clergy sex abuse and no, we shouldn’t ever be tired of reading about these stories. Because in this case, a nun found out about the abuse and …


Ex-Philadelphia Church Official Housed at Prison Pope Plans to Visit

NBC 10 PhiladelphiaJul 2, 2015
The Philadelphia prison that Pope Francis plans to visit during his U.S. trip houses a former church official jailed for his handling of priest sexual-abuse …
Pope Francis set to visit US prison housing convicted monsignor
National Catholic Reporter (blog)Jul 2, 2015


Video urges church abuse victims to come forward

KIMT 3Jun 29, 2015
In the video are three clergy sexual abuse victims who share their messages about why they stepped forward and spoke out. The idea is by playing the video in …


Priest arrested for sexually abusing an 11 year old girl in Jalisco

The Yucatan TimesJun 30, 2015
The accusation was made before authorities on April 23, who say that physical and psychological tests have revealed evidence of sexual violence. The priest …


Story image for priest sex abuse from Sunday World

Paedo priest Brendan Smyth paid off victim with mass card money

Sunday WorldJun 29, 2015
Paedophile priest Fr Brendan Smyth paid off one of his child sex abuse victims … cleric made a $20,000 money transfer to a victim he had abused in Langdon, …


abuse victims to take legal action against State

RTE.ieJun 30, 2015
According to the solicitor, they include Brendan Boland, who was interviewed by priests‘ diocese in 1975 about his claims of sexual abuse and sworn to secrecy …


Database of Publicly Accused Priests in the United States



National Survivor Advocates Coalition



Quest to identify ‘Baby Doe’, mystery four- year-old girl who washed up dead on Boston harbor


baby doe 222222222222


The tragic quest to identify ‘Baby Doe’: Cops plead for help in identifying mystery four- year-old girl who washed up dead on the shores of Boston harbor

  • Unidentified girl was found June 25 by dog walker near Boston
  • She was wearing zebra-patterned blanket and polka dot pants
  • Artist’s impression of the lifeless girl has drawn massive attention
  • Expert Jack Levin says it is most likely family members killed her
  • Said that 70 per cent of murdered under-fives are killed by parents 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3149204/Criminologist-says-mystery-four-year-old-girl-washed-ashore-Deer-Island-probably-killed-FAMILY-MEMBER.html#ixzz3evzsi45v