Talking Toupee and next USA President ‘Donald Trump’ Is Worried That Putin Will ‘Save’ Greece

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Talking Toupee ‘Donald Trump’ Is Worried That Putin Will ‘Save’ Greece

ACTUALLYChina State Official Hints Beijing May Bailout Greece

Trump says that if Germany doesn’t “take care” of Greece’s debt problem, Putin could swoop in Batman style and save the day. Achtung!

Reality television joke/future president Donald Trump has been reading up on world affairs. And now he (his wig?) is aware that there is a country (somewhere) called “Greece”, and that this country (wherever it may be) has “problems”.

Trump’s fake hair, contacting the mothership

Who will solve these problems, before Donald Trump loses his patience and fires everyone? The Krauts, obviously:

“Germany is very powerful, very strong,” Trump said. “I’d let Germany handle it. We have enough problems; let Germany handle it. Germany will take care of it. This is peanuts for Germany. They’ll take care of it.”

Yes, peanuts! (Or Erdnüsse, to use the language of problem solvers.)


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