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RAW The remains of Donetsk international airport in EAST UKRAINE [VIDEO]

Published on Mar 31, 2015

Prokofiev International airport Donetsk was, two years ago, a symbol of hope for a region in need of stimulation. It now lies in ruins, beyond repair, the recipient of massive firepower from both sides in Ukraine’s war.


Shingles Virus a Big Pharma Hoax To Sell Reworked Useless Vaccines?


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By MatrixBob

I am 68 years of age and have only known one person in my lifetime who had shingles and he was also an AIDS patient at the time.

Current Big Pharma TV advertising claims that 66% of seniors who had chicken pox as a child will probably get shingles unles they take the $219 dosage of shigles vaccine.

Mass use of chickenpox vaccine by children in the U.S. since 1995 has limited natural boosting of Varicella Zoster immunity in the adult population and there has been a significant increase in cases of Herpes zoster among adults.

Mass vaccination of children for chicken pox has apparently triggered a large increase in shingles in the adult population. So what has Merck done? It simply repackaged the chicken pox vaccine as Zostovax and made it approximately 14 times stronger.

In essence then, the shingles vaccine is just the chicken pox vaccine 14X stronger and yet it still only boasts an effectiveness rate of 51 percent. That piece of data alone should give most people considering this shot some serious pause.




Elephant Hotel Lucy, Margate. New Jersey [PHOTOS]


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Lucy the Elephant is a six-story elephant-shaped example of novelty architecture, constructed of wood and tin sheeting in 1881 by James V. Lafferty in Margate City, Atlantic County, New Jersey, United States, two miles south of Atlantic City, in an effort to sell real estate and attract tourists.

Today, Lucy is a tourist attraction. Guided tours take visitors into the building through the spiral staircase in the left rear leg up into the interior, then up again into the howdah to see views of Margate, the Atlantic City skyline, and the Atlantic Ocean.


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Elephant Hotel Margate City


HBO documentary that claimed Scientology is blackmailing John Travolta


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The show claimed there is a ‘black file’ on John Travolta, which includes records of his auditing sessions


‘Thank you for being brave’: Celebrity former Scientologists Leah Remini and Lisa Marie Presley lead praise for explosive HBO documentary that claimed the religion is blackmailing John Travolta

  • Leah Remini and Lisa Marie Presley were Scientologists, they have tweeted commending the documentary and its shocking claims
  • Going Clear documentary claims to reveal secrets of Scientology religion
  • It alleges the church has a ‘blackmail file’ on John Travolta from auditing sessions and members are thrown into ‘The Hole’ to confess their crimes and vie for places by playing musical chairs to Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Sylvia ‘Spanky’ Taylor, who once acted as the intermediary between the church and John Travolta, said people were punished with 30 hours labour
  • Scientologists rejected allegations saying they are from ‘admitted liars’

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tom cruise

Tom Cruise allegedly worked with the Church of Scientology to wire tap former wife Nicole Kidman’s phone


U.S. Nerve Gas Hit Over 200,000 American Troops in Iraq


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During and immediately after the first Gulf War, more than 200,000 of 700,000 U.S. troops sent to Iraq and Kuwait in January 1991 were exposed to nerve gas and other chemical agents. Though aware of this, the Department of Defense and CIA launched a campaign of lies and concocted a cover-up that continues today.

A quarter of a century later, the troops nearest the explosions are dying of brain cancer at two to three times the rate of those who were farther away. Others have lung cancer or debilitating chronic diseases, and pain.



School Tells Parents: We’ll Call The Cops If You Kids Play ‘Call Of Duty’ [VIDEO]

Published on Mar 30, 2015

Several schools in England are threatening to call child protective services and have parents arrested by police if they allow their children to play video games such as ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and ‘Call Of Duty’.

The London Times reported that a group of Principals from 16 schools penned a letter to parents stating that in their belief, the games were directly responsible for the kids displaying “oversexualized behavior” in school.