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Obama tells Americans where we go from here …


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Judge won’t give Wyoming control of wolves, denies parties’ requests to change decision over wolves’ protections:



This is #ISIS people


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This is people

#Haiti : See tear gas fly at rally in support of ex-President Aristide who was twice ousted BY THE USA [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 30, 2014

Thousands took to the streets of Port-au-Prince Tuesday to mark the 23rd anniversary of the US-backed military coup that ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide from power in 1991.

The demonstration was called by Aristide’s banned political party and popular movement Famni Lavalas, or “Great Flood.” One of the protesters’ demands is for Aristide’s house arrest to be lifted, which has been in effect since September 11. Aristide is under investigation for alleged acts of corruption, money laundering and drug smuggling – charges he and members of his party deny.

The 1991 military intervention is remembered by Aristide’s social base as a “bloody coup” which claimed the lives of thousands.

Missouri man alleging sexual abuse by Catholic priest seeks $13 million from diocese



INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – It has been 30 years, but Kansas City’s Catholic diocese still should pay a heavy price for allowing a now-dead priest to repeatedly sexually abuse a former altar boy, a lawyer for the alleged victim said in court Monday,

kicking off a US$10 million (S$13 million) lawsuit against the diocese. Jon David Couzens, then age 10, said he was molested 20 times over two years in the early 1980s by Monsignor Thomas O’Brien, who died in 2013. Couzens was deeply involved in Catholic school and church activities.

The alleged abuse included an encounter in which O’Brien forced Couzens and other altar boys to perform sex acts on each other and on the priest, according to Couzens’ attorney,


Doctors treat Young Girl for severe stomach pains—and find hairball weighing 9 Pounds


Giant hairball removed from girl

Life or death … Without emergency surgery the girl who was badly dehydrated and malnourished would almost certainly have died. Source: australscope


“Psychologically apart from a habit of picking up hair from the carpet and eating it the young girl was perfectly normal and healthy. She also chewed the tips of her hair.”

He added that she had promised never to chew her hair in the future and was recovering well from the operation.






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21 Instagram photos from the Hong Kong protests that China doesn’t want you to see ( #OccupyCentral ) [PHOTOS]


Instagram is down in China, and if you’ve been following the news, you already know why.

Tens of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in Hong Kong in an outpouring of frustration over politics and representation. Under Hong Kong’s present electoral system, citizens don’t elect their own leaders. Instead, they’re appointed by a Beijing-friendly electoral committee. That will change — sort of, but not really — in 2017, when Hong Kong citizens will get to choose from among two or three candidates pre-selected by a Beijing nominating committee.

Protesters call the new electoral system “fake democracy.” Sounds about right.

As we’ve come to expect, social media has played a large part in getting the word out. On Twitter and Instagram, activists and sympathizers use a variety of hashtags to organize information and speak to the wider world. If you want to follow along, check out #OccupyCenter, #hongkong, #hk and #UmbrellaRevolution. The last one refers to protesters’ creative use of umbrellas to defend against tear gas. Ten years from now, it might be the name we remember this demonstration by.

Beijing’s not having any of it. Following a police crackdown in Hong Kong on Sunday, Chinese authorities struck a major blow against demonstrators’ ability to transmit news and images of the protest via social networks. They blocked Instagram on the Chinese mainland.

What’s Beijing so afraid of?

Here are 21 photos from Instagram users on the ground at the protests. China doesn’t want you to see them. And if you live in China, you can’t.

1) This large gathering of people


2) This same large gathering of people as recorded by a different person


3) This same large gathering of people all recording things with their smartphones


4) Like these police officers


5) This dog


6) This subway station


7) This reference to Les Miserables


8) These multilingual sign-makers


9) This classic take on protest-sign-making


10) This crowd, again. Lots of people. Here they are


11) These faces in the crowd


12) This tear gas being fired on peaceful protesters


13) This gassed protester and these helpful people


14) These friends who are prepared for tear gas


15) This decal


16) This inspirational veteran of the cause


17) This sign featuring the giant face of Leung Chun-ying, Hong Kong’s chief executive


18) These umbrellas


19) These umbrellas


20) These umbrellas + puppy and kitten


21) This glorious sunset



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21 photos from the Hong Kong protests China doesn’t want you to see