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AFGHANISTAN: Before the US Invasion and NOW !!!


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JOHN MCCAIN: Can’t you just call your ISIS brothers and tell them to stop the killing in Iraq?

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FCC Preparing To End Internet Freedom [VIDEO]

Published on Aug 9, 2014

The FCC continues on their path to destroy internet freedom and no one is more disturbed about it than John F. O’Donnell.

Woman boards plane with NO ticket, TSA clueless [VIDEO]

Published on Aug 9, 2014

A 62-year-old woman walked through an airport, past ticket checkers, past the TSA screening, past ticket collectors, and boarded a plane, which took off with the unknown passenger on it. The TSA had no clue. This happened at the airport in San José, California, the same airport where the boy hid in the wheel well recently on a flight to Hawaii. The Resident discusses.

Italy: Agriculture facing “big losses” as Russian sanctions go into effect [VIDEO]

European farmers loosing billions because of Obama’s SANCTIONS war with Russia [VIDEO]

Европейские фермеры теряя миллиарды, потому что санкций войны Обамы с Россией [ВИДЕО]


Los agricultores europeos que pierden miles de millones debido a las sanciones guerra de Obama con Rusia [VIDEO]

Gli agricoltori europei perdendo miliardi a causa delle sanzioni guerra di Obama con la Russia [VIDEO]

Gianni Amidei, CEO of fruit company Alegra, said that his company faced huge losses during an interview given in Faenza on Sunday, as around 15 trucks carrying fruit from Italy were forced to turn around at the Russian border due to recent sanctions.

The fruits were destined for supermarket chain Magnit, which has more than 5,000 stores in Russia, but were blocked due to recent retaliatory sanctions by Russia that target mainly western agricultural products. Amidei said that global financial turnover for his company was € 10 million ($ 13,411,200), but that the sanctions are causing his company massive losses.

According to the European Commission, around 10 percent of all EU agricultural exports go to Russia, with a yearly value of around €11 billion ($14.7 billion).

Obama’s campaign in Iraq could require 15,000 troops


obama mission accomplished in iraq

President Obama says it all the time – no combat troops will return to Iraq. But many experts believe it will be extremely hard to achieve Obama’s newly expanded military mission there without more Americans on the ground.

MORE: http://www.blacklistednews.com/Obama%E2%80%99s_campaign_in_Iraq_could_require_15%2C000_troops/37157/0/38/38/Y/M.html

Obama “swallows” banana in Moscow [VIDEO]

Published on Aug 5, 2014

The night of 4 August, activists of the initiative group of Moscow students projected for the United States Embassy building an unusual picture. Image resembled the face of Barack Obama. The composition was the animation and the painted mouth US president dived banana. At the end of the action on the building of the American embassy was projected inscription: “HappyBirthday Obama”