Germany: Meet the scientist preparing to FREEZE himself to beat DEATH [VIDEO]

Published on Jul 9, 2014

Professor Klaus H. Sames is a cryonicist who wants to freeze himself immediately after he dies, believing this could eventually lead to him being resurrected in the future, Wednesday.

Cryonics is the process of freezing and storing the body of a diseased person to prevent tissue decomposition. The ideas is that the body may be be brought back to life upon medical development and advancements in the future.

Professor Klaus explained that after he dies his assistants will cut around the breast area and control the blood circulation through a pump machine. This machine will pump out al the blood and replace it with an antifreeze substance. Then the body will be put into a barrel filled with azotic and stored under -196 degrees to keep the body “functioning”.

Although the process is still in development, the professor is optimistic about the experiment.