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How Corporate Computers Know You Better Than You Know Yourself [VIDEO]

BIG DADA is big Daddy watching you [VIDEO]

Sam Sacks examines Big Data and how it gathers troves of info from often unwitting consumers. But can Big Data really be trusted to know us better than we know ourselves? Is there any way to opt out of having all of our data collected?

Big Dada

As in Big Data meets George Orwell’s Big Brother, except worse. i.e. The NSA, CIA, Google, Facebook, facial recognition, drones, etc. creating massive databases of everything we say and do.

Lets hope the Thought Police are not coming anytime soon.

Example: “Watch what you say and do, Big Dada is tracking you. He is everywhere! Lets hope the Thought Police are not coming anytime soon.”


Proof THE USA Runs Al Qaeda – [VIDEO]

Alex Jones breaks down the exploding conflict in Iraq with Al-Qaeda, and how the link between the US and Syrian rebels is unfolding.

Iraq has privately signaled to the Obama administration that it would allow the U.S. to conduct airstrikes with drones or manned aircraft against al Qaeda militant targets on Iraqi territory, senior U.S. officials said Wednesday.

Ralph Nader on Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their “total support” of war and empire [VIDEO]

“The total support of the military-industrial complex and empire by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is staggering,” Ralph Nader tells Reason TV.

Nader’s latest book is Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State.

To watch the full hour-long interview and read a transcript go to http://reason.com/reasontv/2014/06/11/ralph-nader

The longtime consumer activist, recidivist presidential candidate, and several-time host of Saturday Night Live talks with Nick Gillespie about what he sees as a new libertarian-progressive attack on crony capitalism, whether GM cars were ever any damn good, and why the Democrats still wrongly insist that he cost Al Gore the 2000 presidential election. Oh yeah, and the article of his Reason published back in the early ’70s!



Mae Brussell – Dialogue Conspiracy (6-10-72) [V IDEO]

Originally broadcast June 10,1972.

In June 1971, after 7 years of research and now living in Carmel, California, Mae appeared as a guest on KLRB, a local FM radio station independently owned by Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Gloria Barron. Mae discussed her views on political assassinations and the New York Times release of the Pentagon Papers. The response was so good Mae became a regular weekly guest and before too long had her own show, Dialogue: Conspiracy.(She later changed the name to World Watchers International)

Ukraine to halt gas imports from Russia [VIDEO]

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk has ordered a halt to natural gas imports from Russia from June 16 after the two countries failed to resolve their gas price dispute, the Ukrainian government said Friday.

“By its deliberate unilateral refusal to settle the conflict, Russia has been undermining the energy security of Ukraine and the European Union,” Yatsenyuk was quoted by the government press agency.

Yatsenyuk had also instructed the country’s Justice Ministry and state-run energy company Naftogaz to complete preparations to file a lawsuit with the Stockholm arbitration court over the dispute, the press service said in a statement.

Moreover, he asked the National Regulatory Commission to set “economically justified” tariffs for the transit of Russian gas through Ukrainian territory, it said.

Earlier in the day, Naftogaz Chairman Andrey Kobolev said Kiev was ready to compromise with Russia on gas issues, offering to pay a “compromise temporary price” of $326 per 1,000 cubic meters for Russian gas deliveries for the next 18 months.

Moscow currently charges Ukraine $485, but Kiev claims a fair price would be $268.


Ukraine: Amvrosievka hit by shelling [VIDEO]

According to witnesses, three large explosions hit the village of Amvrosievka at around three in the morning local time on Sunday.

Two explosions went off in the market and one near a resident’s house. The buildings’ walls were charred, some partially collapsed and smoke was still rising on Sunday morning. Nobody was injured during the attack.

It is unclear who staged the attack, as Amvrosievka has remained neutral throughout the conflict in the east of Ukraine. Locals say the Ukrainian army nor militia units are present in the village.

USA: Washington youth race in Soap Box Derby [VIDEO]