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CIA blames media for muddying agency’s brand [VIDEO]

CIA is on a mission to improve its public image and held its first-ever public conference. They keynote of Director John Brennan was about the agency, that It remains relevant in the digital age, “still provides intelligence and analysis that social media and foreign partners cannot because nothing can replace the insight that comes from a well-connected human source.”

CIA: “Just because we torture and assassinate and depose democratic governments doesn’t make us bad guys!” [VIDEO]


Protesters Clash with Police in Brazil – Dave Zirin on World Cup 2014 (1/2) [VIDEO]

‘Phosphorus’ reports: Ukraine military ‘dropped incendiary bombs’ on Slavyansk [VIDEO]

Residents of Slavyansk and its suburbs were awoken overnight on Thursday by what they say were incendiary bombs that were dropped on their city by Kiev’s military. Witnesses and local media reports suggested that the bombs might be phosphorous. READ MORE: http://on.rt.com/jnwm6r

Facebook is Selling Your Browser History [VIDEO]

Facebook will soon start tracking the browsing history of its users, and selling that data to advertisers. In addition, a list of all applications downloaded by those on the social media site will be available for sale.

Facebook announced the changes on June 12th in their online newsroom. The article begins by saying the main concern of users about advertisements is that they are not relevant enough.

“Starting soon in the US, we will also include information from some of the websites and apps you use. This is a type of interest-based advertising, and many companies already do this,” the company wrote.

If internet users have recently purchased auto insurance anywhere online, the system would target the computer with ads for car accessories. A person who bought a chicken coop in an online auction would soon see advertisements for feed and litter.

This week, Microsoft announced an updated to their terms of service. They pledged not to sell private data. The company often reminds… (More)

Watch the video the New York Times doesn’t want you to see: Torture & Murder of refugees in Israel [VIDEO]

RuptlyTV has uploaded Brazil: Rio erupts in clashes before World Cup kick off and 5 other videos [VIDEO]

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The Big Beer Cover-Up Continues; MillerCoors Caught Hiding Ingredients Facts from Consumers [VIDEO]