UK: Boris Johnson to face blasting from these watercannon which are currently banned from Great Britain [VIDEO]

Published on Jun 11, 2014

London’s Metropolitan Police will soon receive their first “Wasserwerfer 9000” watercannon, and their first target may well be the man who agreed to their purchase. London Mayor Boris Johnson, who approved a deal to buy three second-hand watercannon from the German police, has volunteered to be on the receiving end of their icy blast. He announced his decision during a radio talk show, Wednesday. A date for the public hosing has not yet been confirmed.

The Metropolitan Police has submitted an application to the Home Office to receive authorisation for the use of the watercannon, which are currently banned in mainland Britain. Northern Ireland is the only place in the UK where the use of the cannons is sanctioned.

The three cannons will cost a combined £218,000 ($365,000; £270,376). Footage shows the Wasserwerfer 9000 at work against protesters in various locations around Germany this year.