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Royal Row: Spaniards rally for referendum on heels of King abdication

Spain trying to get rid of Royalty [VIDEO]

Published on Jun 3, 2014

Tens of thousands of people rallied in over 60 cities across Spain after King Juan Carlos announced his plan to abdicate in favour of his son.

‘Monarchy? No, Thanks’: Thousands demand referendum after Spanish King’s abdication [VIDEO]


Reporter: Bowe Bergdahl’s Fellow Soldiers Questioned Afghan War More Than He Did [VIDEO]

Published on Jun 3, 2014

http://www.democracynow.org – According to a 2012 profile in Rolling Stone magazine by the late reporter Michael Hastings, the newly freed U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl joined the Army in 2008 after he first tried to enlist with the French Foreign Legion, but was rejected. He was deployed to Afghanistan just after President Obama ordered the first troop surge in the Spring of 2009. Bergdahl reportedly told a soldier in his unit, “If this deployment is lame … I’m just going to walk off into the mountains of Pakistan.” And on June 30, 2009, he may have done just that, leaving the base with just a knife and water, along with a digital camera and his diary. Within 24 hours, he was captured. We are joined by Sean Smith, an award-winning photographer and filmmaker for The Guardian who met Bowe Bergdahl while embedded with his unit in Afghanistan. Smith also profiled Bowe’s father, Bob Bergdahl, in the video we aired in the previous segment.

Fat Tub Of Lard Hillary Clinton says released Taliban American captive will undergo “deep” US brainwashing [VIDEO]

Published on Jun 3, 2014

M/S Hillary Clinton entering the stage and shaking hands with Arthur Espinoza
W/S Clinton thanking people who attend to the event
SOT Hillary Clinton, Former Secretary of State (in English): “Important issue now is to do what’s being done for Sergeant Bergdahl which is to try to restore his health, mental and physical. I’m sure that at some point, maybe not yet, but at some point he will undergo very specific, deep, deep, briefings because he was with the Taliban for five years”
W/S People clapping
SOT Hillary Clinton, Former Secretary of State (in English): “But we also still know that if there is any room for a negotiated peace, we need to have a better sense of what the Taliban will or won’t do and how much pressure we need to continue to exert on them.”
C/U People clapping hands
M/S Clinton on the venue’s screen
SOT Hillary Clinton, Former Secretary of State (in English): “The government has made representations, even guaranties that these five Taliban prisioners from Guantanamo will not be let out of gutter and I certainly hope that they followed through on the assurances that they’ve provided.”
W/S Clinton thanking people
C/U Screen 1ST Bank Center

BOMBSHELL! Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl a Diversion from Obama VA Scandal [VIDEO]

The Media’s Garbage Analysis of the Bowe Bergdahl Saga [VIDEO]

Published on Jun 2, 2014

Abby Martin calls out the corporate media for the sensationalized coverage of the freed US soldier, Bowe Bergdahl, and turning the story into partisan wedge — all the while avoiding coverage of stories such as the Supreme Court rejecting journalist James Risen’s appeal to not be forced to testify against a source in his book, as well as the underreported news that the NSA has been datamining photos from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Пресс-конференция Барака Обамы и Дональда Туска [видео]

Streamed live on Jun 3, 2014

Прямая трансляция пресс-конференции президента США Барака Обамы и премьер-министра Польши Дональда Туска по итогам встречи в Варшаве.

Ukraine: AIDS orphanage fears medicine supply will run dry [VIDEO]

Volunteers braved dangerous roads in Donetsk on Tuesday to bring much needed supplies to the only orphanage in Ukraine for children with HIV/AIDS.

Victor Goncharo, the director Makiyivka orphanage, says the children have been negatively affected by ongoing airstrikes in the area carried out by Kiev’s military. When the children go outside, he says, they look at the sky to check for military jets.

As the humanitarian situation in Donetsk deteriorates the staff of the orphanage fear supplies of life-saving drugs could run out in the city. In total, 64 children are housed at the orphanage.

Ukraine: Blood and flowers haunt blasted Lugansk building [VIDEO]

Flowers were brought to the Lugansk city administration building on Tuesday. With damaged trees, holes in the ground, pools of blood and shattered windows, the area bears clear scars from Monday’s blast. Ukrainian military jets continue to hover in the sky.

Anti-Kiev forces accuse Kiev authorities of shelling the building, an accusation denied by Kiev. Eight people have been reported kills in blast.

Poland: Obama arrives in Warsaw for talks with Komorowski [VIDEO]

U.S. President Barack Obama arrived at the Belweder Presidential Palace in Warsaw on Tuesday to meet with Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski. The meeting forms part of a four-day trip to ensure U.S. commitment to European security.

The While House hasannounced plans for a $1 billion (€740 million) initiative to send more of its military to Europe on a temporary basis.

Thailand: Hunger Games salute sparks arrest warning [VIDEO]

Anti-coup protesters in Thailand were warned, Tuesday, that they could face arrest over raising their arms in a three-fingered salute.

Thailand’s military rulers are attempting to crack down on the symbol of silent resistance to the coup, which was used in popular TV and film series, “The Hunger Games.” Footage shows people doing the salute in Bangkok, Sunday and Monday.

The military have threatened to arrest people in large groups who refuse to obey orders to lower their arms.

Spain: Coca-Cola workers express rage at factory closures [VIDEO]

Ukraine: Anti-Kiev militants prepare for battle [VIDEO]

Anti-Kiev militiamen were seen standing guard in the eastern suburbs of Slavyansk, Tuesday, in preparation to face any further attacks from Kiev forces. Heavy fighting has been reported in the area, near the village of Semyonovka.


Keiser Report: Bond Bubble Burst (E609) [VIDEO]

Published on Jun 3, 2014

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss investors picking up nickels in front of steamrollers as both stocks and bonds soar. In the second half, Max interviews Ian Fraser, author of Shredded: Inside RBS, The Bank That Broke Britain. They discuss how the bank rigged Libor (and could go bust because of the fines and the ongoing criminal investigations), mispricing assets (with a little help from compliant regulators and complicit auditors) and kneecapping companies out of spite (just because).

Война без победителя: США пытаются наладить отношения с «Талибаном» [видео]

Published on Jun 3, 2014

«Талибан» отпустил американского солдата, который был в плену на протяжении пяти лет; в ответ США освободили в пятерых сторонников движения, задержанных по подозрению в террористической деятельности. И хотя Вашингтон считает, что это может ознаменовать начало мирного урегулирования конфликта в Афганистане, многие сомневаются в возможности диалога с повстанцами. С подробностями — корреспондент RT Гаяне Чичакян.

Deal Ordeal: US seeks peace with Taliban after years of war [VIDEO]

Published on Jun 3, 2014

Taliban has released US soldier in exchange for five of its militant. Washington believes this could jumpstart a peace process in Afghanistan, some question any dialogue with the insurgents. Gayane Chichakyan reports.

How Fringe Parties Hijacked the Euro Elections | Interview with Richard Wolff [VIDEO]

Published on Jun 3, 2014

Abby Martin features an interview with economist and University of Massachusetts professor, Richard Wolff, discussing the future stability of the European Union discussing the political divisions and economic strain that has characterized the region for the last six years.